Awakening on the Road

Awakening on the road

“Awakening on the Road” is the story of a professional risk-taker and free-spirit citizen of the world whose epic travel adventures wind their way across the globe from the East to the West. After moving to London and burning out at a telecommunications job, Filip buys a one-way ticket to Italy. It is the first destination that begins his transformative journey to more than fifty countries as he searches for true love, authentic happiness and understanding of the invisible forces of the universe.
His story is an honest account of encounters with the light and dark of humanity that contribute to profound changes in his life view. He finally stops in Cali, Colombia where - thanks to numerous spiritually awakening events- he discovers who he truly is and finds his real life purpose. 

After years of backpacking and living abroad he finally decides to share his powerful travel experiences in the books: Awakening on the Road—Book 1—The East Awakening on the Road—Book 2—The West"

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Filip’s journey is a universal experience. In life, we all seek to find our identity, to enjoy meaningful love and to contribute to life through inspiring work that is our passion. These were all his big picture goals when he set out to see the world...goals that enjoyed unexpected fulfillment in the West, especially in Cali, Colombia where he has lived for the past four years. The difference is in the way he crafted his travels and followed the inspiration he felt from a very early age. His dream to freely travel was born out of an un-free upbringing in Communist Poland. It makes his journey all the more inspiring considering the courage and strength it took for him to follow that dream. It is an amazing journey made all the more amazing because we get to see the world through his eyes and get a glimpse into the influences in his upbringing that came to bear in the adventures he encountered. He very clearly expresses his unique focus in this passage from his book: “For me, a key part of any trip was the people I met and the connections I built with them. Of course I wanted to visit the highlights of each place, walk the city streets, swim in the oceans and trek the mountains but what I wanted more was to explore new cultures and meet the locals and other traveling free spirits. I was thirsty for long conversations about life, the Universe and understanding global issues from different perspectives.” Filip couldn’t tell you as much about the sites he saw as he could about every detail of the people he encountered. It is almost as if he wrote this book as a people-logue instead of a travelogue. “Awakening on the Road” is an epic journey that winds its way around the world, first in the East and now in the West. At only 38 years old, Filip has already accomplished what most of us would take two lifetimes to do. His journeys in the East were only the tip of the iceberg of his discoveries. The fulfillment of his goals to find himself, bring a message of love, compassion and peace to the world as he traveled through it, his desire to meet people and to fall in love began in the East and comes to full maturity and flow during his journeys in the West in this second chapter of his story. As he returns to the U.S. and continues connecting with people on his memorable adventures, his travels into the welcoming warmth of Latin America pulls him closer and closer to the heart of his authentic home and the true love he has been seeking. Filip’s many questions about life are answered in extraordinary ways as he sets foot onto his final path to waking up. He participates in sacred ceremonies with shamans and takes the ultimate journey beyond physical reality into unseen realms. There, he connects with an expansive universe that shows him the essential nature of human reality and teaches him about love in ways he could never have imagined. Through challenging adventures in his Western travels, his settling down in Cali and his discovery of ayahuasca, Filip eventually arrives at a place where he begins to understand and see his role in the whole of human evolution. This segment of his awakening process is breathtaking, sometimes scary, many times surreal and beyond comprehension. In the end, he puts the pieces of his explorations into perspective with the greatest outcome of joy and victory over the questions. He finds his answers in the vastness of a Universe that holds answers for us all.

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"This book is properly named. This is author’s discovery of himself as he looks at and travels through the world. I enjoyed reading about each place that he went to not only because I’ve been to most of them but also because his valuable “awakened insights” adds great value to the book."
Pricilla Benton

"Filip has hammered this book without mercy, I was totally pumped up to go on some adventures myself. I was on railway embarking on a life changing journey. Every episode of this amazing book is written to inspire us. This is a must have!"

"Great book for anyone living in the "one day I'll do this" world. The author showed quite a clear path anyone, literally, can follow with a bit of determination in tow. Great insights into the unpredictable and fascinating world of international travel. Looking forward to the sequel."

"Wow! This wonderful book is worth the read. Although it consists of one man experiences, its value and integrity exceeds my anticipation. I was utterly enthuses to go on an adventure!"