About me

Hi! My name is Filip Ziolkowski. In 2006, I started blog to capture my social life in London and weekend breaks in Europe. I used mainly pictures to share my stories without a language barriers. A year later I left UK to travel the world and occasionally was writing posts in three languages: English, Polish and Spanish. After almost three years of non-stop traveling through more than 50 countries I decided to spend some time and take a deep breath in Cali, Colombia. It all started with an innocent weekend and ended up in almost 10 inspiring years living in Colombia where I met my gorgeous wife and had my two beautiful sons. During that time I stopped blogging frequently and occasionally added some new content. I keep this blog as a personal journey, that reminds me of the beauty of innocent backpacking without a time limit and my personal growth as a human being. If you find it interesting please drop me an email or simply buy one of my books titled "Awakening on the road".