Social Advertising Conference at the University of Autonoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia

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Social Advertising Conference at the University of Autonoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia

This time it will be not about the travels but the advertising.
I would like to remember few important points from the conference.

About having ideas and telling the story

As everyone has a different brain structure and life experiences your potential great idea will not necessary be seen as great one by others. It is not about having a good idea, which many have but the way how will you be telling the story behind it. The idea is simply a result of previous thoughts and research. It is the destination point.

Good idea are based on deep insights

Social Advertising

Social cause is the way of advertising.

Connect 3 concepts: Law, Morality, and Culture

Social Advertising is Showing, Educating, Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering

Brands and People

People hate brands so brands need to make an effort to tell something interesting to people. The company or a brand is like a physically unattractive guy trying to pick up hot girl. He needs to make an effort and show the interesting side, not just physical features or giving complements to the girl.

Good brands worry about people and try to solve people´s problems.

People in general do not share shit on Social Media, so why they should share the shitty content? Instead empower people so they make a movement.

People need to feel respected - to be listened.

Best brands talks as persons.

What people want to hear?

Instead of Positioning brands need to think about Purpose.

Advertising should not look like as advertising as people hate this media and hate people working there. It is the 3rd less respected job in the world after bankers and lawyers. That is why advertising and brands need to have higher purpose by creating relevant value for the people, for example by solving social problems or making life easier ever for 5 minutes, even for one person so people can start trusting again the advertising industry.

Creative vs Strategy

Good strategist plans everything so it works out well. (content, deep, meaningful)
Good creative makes it look interesting. (cover, clever, superficial)

Understanding people

You need to feel the people´s problems in order to solve them.

Instead of ideas think about problems to solve. To have a purpose.


Teaching boring stuff is useless. Inspire and detach from the outcome makes you feel useful.


Social Advertising makes a difference, It is not about talking, or getting awards it is about changing the world and taking actions with the actionable idea easy to implement.