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Amigos, amigas, parceros, boludos, dudes and mates, freundes, koledzy i kolezanki. I wish you good health, daily motivation, fresh energy, strong self-discipline, enough time and money to make your dreams come truth this year! Don't give up after tomorrow! Sending you positive vibes right from my heart!
In June 2007 I decided to leave London and travel the world. Since January 2007 I had a phone call two times a day from the back consultant trying to sell me mortgage, I ignored them all. I did not know why I was ignoring all these "" but I knew somewhere deep in my heart that this was the right thing to do. Few months later all the real estate market collapsed and instead of being enslaved by the mortgage I lived my life to the full Lesson number 1. Always listen to your own guru that lives in your heart!

Another great day at the University. If somebody told me two years ago when I was partying in Carnival na Brasil that I would be teaching webdesign at the University in Spanish I would laugh. And now this is my reality. What a life:) This is all thanks to David Valencia, Juanita Peña Iguana and all people that made me feel like home in this tropical salsa steamy village-city.

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity
"Man…. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived." Is it about you?

It took me a day and a half to get over it. What is going to happen it will happen. I can´t control outside world but I can control my reaccion. Life is a gift and there is no point to dwell upon past. Thank you for your support. Gracias a tu apoyo.

I am from Poland, not the richest country in the world, but I never stopped believing that everything is possible. When I was 16 I knew I wanted to travel the world. I did not know how but I had a vision. I went to the shop, bought the map ...of Europe and pointed places to visit. Few months later school started and I forgot about the whole idea. Now I am 35 and I am on my 4 years Around The World Big Trip that I started on June 2007 and I am still on the road. I made all money to make my dream comes true effortlessly. How? Buy doing what I love - websites.

Lie number one - look for money to make money. Instead I would say look for passion, then set a huge goal and money will appear in somehow when you are ready so you can make your dream comes true!

1. Escape from London
2. Italy, Couchsurfing in Florence and Venecian feel of love
3. Slovenia, Slavic Ljubliana
4. Croatia, Hostel life
5. Bosnia, Crazy war guide and jumping from the Mostar Bridge
6. Montenegro, Beer pain on the bus and Budva Sopot Style
7. Albania, Muslim clubbing in Tirana
8. Macedonia, Easy boredom in Skopje
9. Bulgaria, Youth full of dreams in Veliko Tarnovo and Euro Kitsch in Varna
10. Romania, Dracula, chavs and diarrhea in Braslov
11. Hungary, Where is Gulash in Budapest?
12. Austria, Genial uncle and karaoke in Vienna
13. Poland, Night in Spatiff, Karen and polish weddings
14. Lithuania, My homeland
15. Latvia, Milk bar and drinking beer on the monument of the Russian Soldiers in Ryga
16. Estonia, Internet in Tallin and Depeche Mode Bar
17. Russia, Living like a Tsar in St. Petersburg and friendly toys of the Russian famous murders in Moscow
18. Rosia, China, Mixing cucumbers with the vodka shots and talks about life at the Transsiberian Train
19. China, Scams in Beijing and hiking the Great Wall under the boiling sun
20. South Korea, Mysterious OI bar in Seoul
21. Japan, a virtual computer game land
22. Thailand, Pingpong show and semi-hookers in Bangkok
23. Hongkong, Casinos at the sunsets in Macau and living on the edge in the Mansion House in Kowloon
24. Philippines, Diving and stories of Polish Don Juan
25. Indonesia, Touristy Bali and Mother Earth Power at the Java Island
26. Singapore, Overconsumption victims in the modern concrete jungle
27. Malaysia, Tropics, skyscrapers and transsexuals on the mopeds in Kuala Lumpur
28. Thailand, Obligated prison on the beach and the first lesson of how to be humble
29. Laos, Playing cards, floating down the Mekong river and New Years Eve with the Buddhist monks in Luan Prabang
30. Cambodia, Temples form another planet, wedding and other hard to believe stories
31. Vietnam, Politically incorrectly war guide and Swedish Valentine Day
32. India, Conversations in the fourth dimension in the country of thousands scents and colors
33. Nepal, Sick at the Mont Everest Base Camp in Himalayas and camera robbery in Kathmandu
34. USA, pop culture shock and road around US with two decent blokes: Chinese communist and Belgium scaut
35. Mexico, Deep breath, first words in Spanish, first dance and las latinas
36. Guatemala, Three weeks with the brilliant Mayan family in Xela and frying Marshmellows on the lava fire
37. Honduras, Cheap diving, dead whales and the Tegucigalpa hostel full of cockroaches
38. El Salvador, Partying with the Cristian Surfers in the armed San Salvador
39. Belize, Afro-British laziness and snorkeling with the sharks
40. Nicaragua, Volcano-boarding, bachata and flirting until the dusk
41. Costarica, Sterilized paradise for gringos, Canopy tour and lost cameras
42. Panama, Tracking James Bond and the most beautiful islands on the Earth
43. Colombia, The best and the worse of My Crazy Locombia
44. Brasil, along the Amazon river and the wicked Carnival on the beach
45. Uruguay, Living with the artists in Montevideo
46. Argentina, Malencholy in the Buenos Aires and incredible views of Patagonia
47. Chile, Uncommon hospitality in Santiago and the worse night under the tent right in from of The Torres del Paine
48. Bolivia, Acting in the movie "Time for Lions" in Sucre with other Poles and dead road from La Paz to the jungle
49. Peru, Hijacking in Arequipa and Peruvian food-party-culture crazy times
50. Ecuador, Telenovela LIVE, running away from the bad girls
51. Colombia, A spiritual transformation and meeting my Colombian love

The message from the space for you my friend. We are witnessing the birth of the new human species with the following features:
* Unlimited creativity in all aspect of life
* Thinking as oneness and interconnection
* No culture boundaries
* No country boundaries
* Dropping identity
* Co-operation instead of competition
* Appreciating contact with nature and learning from it through observation
* Compassion and respect for all of the species
* Developing different forms of communication as for example: telepathy
* Help others based on the unique talents and abilities
* Practicing meditation
* Constant learning and self-development
* There is no good or bad, no puzzle out of the context, everything is learning process
* Understanding life as a constant transformation
* Experimenting connection between mind, body and spirit
* Taking responsibility for all that happens
* Forgiving
* Living in the present moment, leaving past behind, creating future from the space between thoughts GAP

My friend, did you realize that we are living in the golden age. There are so many genuine people who share valuable stuff for FREE. An opportunity to learn from the best without living home blows my mind. Not to mention EU passport, digital money, freedom to decide what we want, where do we want to live and how we want to live. Higher consciousness is everywhere. We have never lived in better times. I am so grateful to be here and share with you whatever I feel. Thanks for being. You are my inspiration.

Today I woke up and I realised that I am an University Teacher in Salsa capital of the world - a tropical Colombian city - Cali. Life full of surprises.

Thoughts. In the western world a man spends his life improving, developing and gathering things. In the Latin world a man spends his life looking for joy and happines on daily basis. I am trying to be in the both worlds at the same time.

Even having a cold, still happy and grateful. My tip: Do only what you love, serve others, hug somebody you love, laugh loud, enjoy every day of your precious gift - life. Never let the music die within you. Never let others tell you what you should do and what you should not to. Never live other´s life. Spend day alone in the silence or nature. Discover yourself from the scratch. Live in the moment. Breath in ... Can you feel it?
Another awesome week: dancing salsa in TTD, traveling with the real shamans, teaching advertising and design at the universities full of beautiful people, playing footy with my colleagues and students, swimming alone in the huge blue pool surrounded by the tall palms and tropical garden, living in the colonial house and chilling in my huge bed, eating sweet mangos as big a as the watermelons, hugging my colombian afrobaby.
It was a dificult week. All the small problems got bigger, and the new ones joined the team. I was in the middle of battle playground to see if the theory works. I was learning to control my thoughts and be in the present moment no matter what while deeply believing that everything was just a dream and not real. Finally all the problems have been solved effortlesly and now I have proof that it was a good strategy. Always focus on the present moment my friend and know that life is not real, it is just a dream that appears to be real:)
Today I woke up and thought "It does not feel like going to work at all, it rather feels like going to have fun". So I played Pingpong, then together with my work mate we organized teacher´s rock band. At the lunch we picked up the list of rock songs to perform: Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More, Lenny Kravitz, Cream, Pearl Jam, The Doors and many others. Later on I recordered a radio advertising for my student, I did an interview, checked emails and I am ready for the students’ presentations "Using Guerrilla marketing in advertising campaign". I love Fridays.

The Ping-Pong University Competition. During lunch time we play for fun and scream like kids at school. There is usually a round of 5-10 players and one table. The one who reaches seven points stays at the table with one exception. If you lose 4:0 you lost your turn and need to wait about 10 min for the next game. As I like wining 4:0 my friends called it "LEWANDOWSKI". Anytime somebody wins with 4:0 we name it L.... A new word in Colombian-Calenian vocabulary

I was coming back from work. In the street of San Antonio there was a foreign girl passing by. She had this typical empty face that I remember well from Europe and US. She could easily find a job as a mannequin. Looking at her make me feel good. I finally understood why I love Colombia so much and why I feel so well here. ...I sat down relaxed on my couch, started reading a book and meditating. An hour later I heard shots, like fireworks. Right on the corner somebody was killed with the gun. My gf saw a black guy running away. Five min later police came; people gathered around the car with the broken window and nine holes in it, some even laughed. The guy ran away. He is probably going to kill somebody tonight. But who cares? It is just another day in Cali. Today on the bus ride to work I heard similar stories in radio, as common as weather forecast. But I am Polish and I really try hard to stay strong. On Thursday we will be dancing salsa, on Friday I am going to visit other dimensions with the most powerful shaman Taita Querubin and then we are going for holidays. There will be Pacific Ocean in la Barra, Ancient statues in San Augustin, Jungle Trek in Tierra Dentro. Once I left Europe I forgot the word "boredom". Isn´t that sick?

People always ask me why Cali, why Colombia? Well, let´s take weather for example. In this case there 20-30C all year long with nice fresh Pacific wind and almost no-humidity makes a difference. I feel much better with fewer clothes on me. I spend less $ on shopping not to mention that I have been sick only once in the last 3 years and it lasted few days. Now I see that going out with the wet hair right from the shower can be luxury. Walking barefoot at home and not wearing socks is another. But what I love the most is sleeping naked under the sheet with the window wide open and looking at the shiny stars before moving into another dimension. What is luxury for you?

A thought. For the first part of my life I was suffering due to the terrible birthday time. In Poland end of January means cold weather, darkness, and everyone studies to the winter exams. Not a great time for celebrating. Now things changed: 25th of January is the end of holidays, everyone in the party mood, sun and great weather conditions (actually is all year long). The same day but different perspective. Impossible turned into possible. Thank you all for warm wishes and good light energy. It will come back to you double.

I am having few thoughts about my visit to Poland.
1. (+) People visually do not change, but their children do:)
2. (+) Poland looks like brand new country (new streets, new cars, new shopping center, new stadiums)
3. (-) Salaries did no...t increase but prices did.
4. (+) There is a lot of cheap food on the market. The question is if the food is real. I have upt on weight 6 kg in two weeks.
5. (+) Family bonds and good laughs are important as before.
6. (-) Even if the future looks promising, some Poles suffer because they want to be at the same economic level as Norway or Switzerland right away.
7. (-) Happiness, well-being, meditation, good health are not the popular topics. Money is.
8. (-) Although people have beautiful children many couples are having tough times, some getting divorced.
9. (-) I wish I saw more love and tender between couples. Some couples look like old friends. Guys, girls bring some fire to the relationships!
10. (-) Cold weather is not as bad as the darkness and gray sky. All you can do is go home, turn on TV or Youtube and wait until the spring. Seems like people live from summer to summer.
11. (+) I insist saying that Poland is on its way to be a leading European country in terms of economic progress.
12. (+/-) Friends and family are friendly as always. Strangers are stranger than ever.
13. (-) I wish people more appreciated what they already and develop sense of ones as humans.
14. (-) I do not see myself coming back to Poland at this moment.
15. I know it sounds cheesy, but all we need is love.

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