The path to freedom from suffering and living a great life starts when we misidentify with our thoughts by observing them as we observe TV.

The path to freedom from suffering and living a great life starts when we misidentify with our thoughts by observing them as we observe TV or surf the internet.  No strong emotions whatsoever and no attachments. We can choose to change a focus by just clicking a link or pushing the button to change a channel.

Life is great. I know it but as I am just a human sometimes it is easy to forget about it. Long time ago I had realized that I was the creator of my own reality. I noticed that as soon as I observed my thinking and did not identify with it I was FREE. The beauty of life is that we are all free to choose what we want to believe in. We are all free to chose whether we identify with our thoughts or we observe them as a random TV screen. According to the modern science the path to freedom and rewiring our mind and brain is observation without attachment. It is so simple, maybe that is so complicated. We humans tend to complicate simple solutions. If we do not pay for something it is probably worthless. The good news is it is FREE and available in every moment. Freedom to detach ourselves from the thoughts that are nothing else as a media publisher of the data we had collected through the whole life, consciously  and subconsciously. We are not our thoughts. Period.

The question is how to tune into this feeling of being free? My answer is simple and also free. Find a silent, safe spot and be there on your own for a certain period of time. Close your eyes, sit comfortable and observe your body and thinking for 1-3 hours completely alone with no distractions.

Yes it probably will not be the most exciting exercise in the world because mind does not like to be controlled or observed. Mind will suffer to be observed and not treated seriously, so be ready my friend for the inner battle. Once you win it you will see enormous peace of  mind and a great feeling of inner joy. 

Cut off distractions, cut of internet, TV, friends, switch off the phone, close the doors. You are on the way to freedom.

Once we quite down external thinking sources and repeating patterns we realize how creating we can be. As life is being created on daily basis, we all participate in the creation process, therefore we are creating our own destiny as individuals, nations and human species.

Thoughts are powerful, they tend to create emotions.  Emotions are triggers to take an action. Both positive or negative. When action is taken the cause is made for the future effect. This is how we create destiny. It is up to you do it consciously or subconsciously. It is your choice.

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