Social Media and Advertising Strategies

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A list of great posts about social media:

1. How important is to be present in Linkedin?

2. Social Media Strategy - Smart technique based on the Wordpress Plugins, Landing Page, Finding a niche. - a link to Social Funnel Machine

2.1 Find the same type of crowd you are looking for (Pages)
2.2 Look for a real value (tips, content)

- Buy from PLR report
- Rewrite it

2.3 Create Landing Page with ILike button, FB comments and FB Fan Page

- Create thank you page (signing up for newsletter): "Please check your email for the news to your email. Before that please... Here is the ...
- Buliding business list is very important! - Only Quality real email address.

2.3 Aproach the administrator to put the link on their Facebook Page
- Call or email him saying how much you love the fan page

- Say "I have great gvalue if you would like to put this on your site free of charge"
- You can say that you will switch links between blogs, Fan pages or hook up with somebody else
2.4 Engage FB Fan Page

2.4.1 photos,
2.4.2 status update,
2.4.3 video,
2.4.4 link

- update Facebook FP
- go viral

2.5 Remember "Facebook is not for sale it is too lead to landing page. What sells is blog, e-mail. - Social Proof!"

2.6 When you build trust it is time to selling

More info on:
Concepts to evaluate:

1. Social Proof - Leading the community
2. Interviewing experts
3. Personal Social Media Strategy in Colombia
4. Community as Tribe
5. Social Media in Bar Example

3. Social media strategy based on the already exisiting Fan Page

1. Find a profitable market (facebook fan page, Ebay)

2. Find out if they would pay for information
3. Build a relationship with the current community
4. Engage them
5. Discover needs and find out what they want
6. Create or find a product to offer
7. Create a landing page with the list catcher
- Headline
- 2/3 Paragrafs
- Testemonials
- Video/photo
- Pay Pal button
- 2ndary page
7. Lead them to the landing page (soft sale)
8. Create a list
9. Sell other products

For example: mini launch campaign for TESCO

1. Ultimate Agency Summer Reading List by HubSpot!

2. 55 Brands Rocking the Social Media:

Websited and blogs - The best of the best in Social Media:


Social Media Strategies:

1. Listen, Response, Engage
2. Personal Social Media - Marca Actua como Persona
3. Trust, Authority, Credibility, Influence, Community
4. Twitter: Teach, Show, Surprise
5. Quality of Fans > Quantity of Fans

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