Blog is alive

I realised that there is so much to do in the real world that I completely left my virtual world. At this moment I am focused on web design services to make my life on the road as long as possible. Yep, I am making websites again. Please let me know if you need a website or you know somebody that might need one.

I am aware that the current blog design might not impress you but content is the most important and I prepared for you The Best Of so you don´t need to go through archives.

1. Video Links that I am connected with

1.1. Sezon na Lwy Facebook Fun Page of Sezon na Lwy - the movie I am taking part in, Director´s blog - Pasikonik, My travel mate Szymon Blog , Awesoem Illustrator Genius Tomek Larek
1.2. Noce w Trojmiescie1,2,3,4
1.3. Emigrobot series
1.4. Backpacking around the world quick slide show and in a form of blog.
1.5. Acting in the Kolectivo K video

2. Some of the pictures I took while travelling from A to E so far. Please feel free to rate them. I need to keep only the best ones and get rid of the shitty ones. This is a temporary website and the only goal is to pick the best pictures. For the rest click countries on the right panel at the bottom of the blog.

3. Radio

Radio Weekend - wywiad
Polskie Radio
Polskie Radio 2

4. Thoughts

4.1 In English

How to find what you seek
Xmas Wishes
The power of silence
What is thinking FZ
What I have learnt
Awarness technique
How to make money on the road
Message from Ayahuaska
Flying phone and The Law of Attraction
LOA resources
The best of South America
The best of Central America
The best of USA
The best of Asia
The best of Europe
The best of Australia
Subjective information about the countries

4.2. Po Polsku

Religia katolicka w moim wydaniu
Tajskie tipsy
Ksiazka z podrozy - zajawka
Wywiady z Drogi
Zyczenia Swiateczne
Moj wywiad z drogi
Manifest FZ manipuluje
Kim jestem/bylem w 2008? FAQ vol.1
Media w rece ludu
Azjatyckie pseldomyslenia (PL)
Surfowanie proste jak barszcz (PL)

5. Funny


6. Fajne piosenki

7. Inspirujace video

There will be changes