Happy, loved and rich

Well, as you can notice my site is not up to date. Why? Cause I am testing new ideas and I want to make sure that they work before I share with you my discovery. Tomorrow I am 35, so on this occasion I made a list of 101 things to do before I die. I realised that most of my dreams had already been fulfilled. The good thing is that there are still things on the list awaiting to be done. One of my plans is to share with you some of the useful wisdom I have learn during that period.

No matter if you like traveling or not you probably agree that most of us look for happiness, money and love. Since the beginning we are conditioned to look for these qualities in things, people or situations. We also have heard many times that real happiness, love and wealth have nothing to do with the outside conditions.

There is good news. You can get them all for FREE! These simple and free formulas work for me:

If you want to be happy, truly wish others to be happy, be grateful for what you already have and say to yourself few times - I am really! happy It is FREE!

If you want to be rich, realise that you are already richer then 90% of people in this planet. You are richer then 99% people in the age of your parents. You are richer then many kings, princes and famous people from the past. You are already rich. It is FREE!

If you want to find love, learn to love the world and people. Be patient, look for love and love will find you when you ready. It is FREE!

If you just want to feel good, make some push-ups so you sweat a little or watch something funny on youtube. It is FREE!

If you want to travel go to the bookshop, and search for the albums, travel books, or read some of the inspiring travels blogs from around the world. It is FREE!

I am happy, loved and rich. I am feeling good and I am still kind of traveling. Wish you the same! Remember it is free!

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  1. I love this. While traveling, I definitely found that the best things in life are free and your memories and experiences are the best things you can have. If only travel was free....


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