Colombia, Vipassana part 2

I will be unavailable for the next 10 days due to the Vipassana workshop. It will be my second time. Vipassana is the meditation process that let me understand connection between body and mind. 10 days in silence, veg food, meditation and purification, no books, no TV, no salsa, no sex. 98% of our daily decision and thoughts are a result of our subconcious mind. In order to improve life and to get rid of the negative beliefs and habits one has to get into his subconcious mind and reprogramm it. There different ways to apply the new software.

1. Hipnosis (downloaded mp3)

2. Honopono
3. Mindmovies
4. Vipassana

I tried all of them and Vipassana seems to be the most powerfull and long lasting experience. My goal is to purify mind and body, make a habit of daily meditation and find pure happiness within again. Vipassana is based on donation and it is available all around the world.

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