Colombia, Cali, Where are you?

Health, exercises, alcohol, healthy food, drugs, water, too much coffee, fruit and vegetables, fast food, sleeping well and long enough, pain, energised

Love, gratitude, enemies, friends, guilt, family, others, smile, angry, compassion, egoism, understanding, criticism, hugs, sarcasm, giving, waiting to be given, wishing love

Well-being, peace, emotional, harmony, stress, easiness, hardcore, nature, industrial, beauty, ugly, mind control, distraction, concentration, lost, knowing direction, hurry, clear goals

Money abundance, fear, relax, stress, doing what you love, hating what you do, feeling good, unsafe, safe, difficult, easy-going, doubt, hope

Self-realisation, trust, loosing time, experimenting, rat race, aligning with your talents, dependent of opinions, dreams, realism, possible, unrealistic, sky is the limit, mind is the limit, can do it, impatient, step by step, fast, in harmony

Where are you now?
Where are you going?

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