Colombia, Cali, The power of thought

If I was to travel again, I would first go inside. For doing so you dont need a passport, visa, day-off nor money. 30min daily for youself is enough. 30min in silence, 30min of observing your breath, 30 min of being in peace. Your mind is a perfect instrument to create anything you want. It might not happen in your time but finally it will happend with a little bit of patience, contentration and mind control. I believe that thought is the core to all creation. Everything starts with the thought. We are all connected, we are slice ot the same cake, we are part of this universe perfectly connected in the silence. There is enough health, food, happiness, money, prosperity and love in this world. To access all the beauty of this world one has go inside and experience silence. In silence everything is possible. Perfect silence means lack of any thought, just being. It feels like coming back to the place where you were born, with no past trauma and no ideas what is possible and what is not. Pure perfecin without analysing, judging, giving names or looking for solutions. The outer world is the reflecion of the inner world. If you feel like lacking of something start from yourself. Start from your mind. Start from the silence, and in the silence experience anything you want as you already had it. That is one of the biggest secret of this world. Soon you will realise that miracles happen on daily bases. Good luck.

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  1. Dzieki za komentarz Filip, choc cala przyjemnosc po mojej stronie:)) .


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