Colombia, Cali, I have got everything ...

... cool place to stay for a penny, great weather, woman I love and that loves me, extraordinary friends, great health and well-being, backpackers vibe around, Polish, American, Austrian, Colombian, German, Italian mates ready to go out and have good time anytime, websites ready to be designed and developed, bank account not crying for help, supporting parents, fresh tropical fruit available on every corner, yoga, space, tropical garden, inspiring meditations, lots of creative ideas, clear mind, and you reading my thoughts. Even though I am greatful for all the good things in my life I believe the real art of living is to be happy from within, no matter how great your life looks from outside. Your outer world is then only a reflecion of your inner world. I wish you to find happiness from within and watch the miracles. Be good:) Peace, Breath in ...

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