Cali, Colombia, Back to Latin America

Back to Cali, to Iguana, to Juanita, to my colombian friends. I saw mind-blowing salsa show at the Festival Mundial de la Salsa. I was worth any money, especially being 5 meters from the stage thanks to our Colombian mate Javier. The show made me cry. Watching poor children from favelas, dressed funky and dancing like superstars on the stage - a very inspiring experience. As in Brasil all the best samba schools are based in favelas, in Cali most of the best salsa schools are in barrios populares - favelas from Cali.

I was great to visit Poland, London, Germany. Friends, family, memories. Good time to be in Europe at the end of summer. Good weather, happy people, good energy. I wonder how it would be in November or Feb? I also realised that that the whole world is inside my mind. I am designer of my outer world. When I focused on positive, happy, friendly, smiling people, these people pop up in front of my no matter of the weather (grey sky in London) or a place (Train station in Warsaw). When I focus on negativity the negativity is everywhere. It is like seeing colors. If you look around and search for color pink, you will find it even if you are on the Metallica concert:), you can find any color in every environment you want. You can find any emotion in any environment you want. It is up to you.

Sorry for being chaotic, but just want to say that I am still, happy with lots of new ideas and projects on my mind. Stay tuned. Filip

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  1. Crazy Polaco!!!
    Por pensamientos como los tuyos, el mundo es mejor, un abrazo, Dilia


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