Powrot, Return, Vuelta

After 3 years of traveling I am finally visiting Poland/London for four weeks:
21 Aug Cali, 22 Bogota / Miami, 23 London (6am) / Gdansk (8.30pm from Luton, so there is 12 hrs time space to see each other if you are free afternoon if not later on I wiil be in London again)

Warsaw - 25-27? Aug
Gdansk 28 Aug - 11? Sep
London 12 - 16 Sep
Bogota 16 Sep
Cali 17 Sep 

Though I am going for the funeral of my uncle and my aunt I promise to be in a good mood:) No worries. I hope to see you in Gdansk, sopot, Warsaw (depends on my parents how many days we will be there), London (I haven´t booked a flight from
Gdansk yet but I guess I should be spending couple of days in London before heading on 16th of Sep to Colombia).

It feels like my travels is over, but it might be just a begining of something new:)

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