What is thinking Filip Ziolkowski? What I find worth sharing with you?

Manifest of Filip Ziolkowski
19.07.2010 Colombia, Cali

1. Being self-referral
2. The law of cause and effect
3. Success
4. Time
5. Dreams and desires
6. Gratitude
7. The Meaning of life
8. Handling negativity
9. Asking for help
10. Reality
11. Life without limits
12. To be yourself

1. Being self-referral

I live conscious, away from the life designers, away from the media, away from the advisors, guided by my heart. I call this state being “Self-referral”. It means taking control over my mind and minimize influence that comes from outside. It's so simple:

1. Do not watch television, the only information that I get about the world are those reported by my friends and some polish online newspapers as and I do not spend more then 5 minutes a day doing so.
2. I meditate on daily basis. Even if it takes me only five minutes a day I can see the positive results. There are three ways I meditate. First one is based on entering into the state of silent conscious mind by observation of my breath and my body. Second type of meditation is based on imagining a perfect calm mountain lake. The last one is simply asking important questions after entering into the state of silence. The soul (that is part of our true self) knows all the answers without the help of the “knowing” mind.
3. I am my own reference, I do not compare myself to others, I do not feel better or worse then anyone. We are all equal human-beings (not to be confused with Communism). I'm the one who decides whether a situation will bring me joy, anger, sadness or delight. I do not blame anyone and I take full responsibility for my life. Everyone is the architect of his/her own destiny.
4. My self-esteem comes only from how I perceive myself. It doesn’t depend on the criticism or complements. It doesn’t depend on titles, appearance, nationality, education, occupation, lifestyle, number of women in my life, friends on Facebook, having a great time while traveling and so on. My self-esteem is very high and we all deserves to have it very high, without exception, regardless of the external factors.
5. I do what I think is right, listen to the comments but I make the final decision.

2. The law of cause and effect

II. Karma, I reckon that most of us has already it known. Just to remind. I look after my thought, words and actions in the way to bring positive feeling to me and people around: joy, laughter, motivation, self-confidence. I eliminate negative thoughts, words and actions.


1. I do not smoke, do not use drugs, although sadly it is pretty common thing for the foreigners to take part in cocaine orgies in Colombia or Bolivia, I have limited beers and spirits, a socially accepted way to party with but luckily not neccesary, I have limited eating meat, fat meals, I practice Yoga, from time to time I swim, I'd be happy to come back to play footie soon.
2. I take care of my body and spirit.
3. I drink a lot of tab water that apparently taste great with the lime or tangerine.
4. I eat healthy breakfast, I replaced eggs with bacon for yogurt, fruit and water.


5. I am eliminating to criticize others, taking the piss in a hardcore way that I used to be a champion in my country. Despite this, surprisingly I have recently been laughing a lot, thanks to my funny Colombian friends, crazy Poles and backpackers from all around the world.
6. I learn not to defend my point of view.
7. I don´t judge what is good or bad, cool or bad taste.
8. I don´t have a need to save the world. I know that there will come the time for everyone to reflect on what counts in life. Everyone goes through it, many times, whether with or without our participation. Soul and conscience are unforgiving.
9. I eliminate all the thoughts that might cause negative reactions in my body: jealousy (it is not while  going out with such a pretty girlfriend :), comparing to others, unhealthy ambition (fucking number one:), lack of faith in the great success (you are already 34 years old ...). I replace all the negative thoughts with the positive ones: confidence, unity, tolerance, self-confidence, acceptance, faith in making impossible possible.
10. I wish everyone great success and I am very happy with the success of others (which was not easy). It is such a mistake that most us grow in the belief that we should compete with each other on unhealthy basis, wishing a defeat to our “opponent” even if the winning is well deserved. We are pre-programmed terribly. Fortunately we can uninstall a negative mind software.

3. Success

What is success? Everyone has his/her own definitions. I also have my own. For me, success is the result of the seven factors. If we give scores from 0 (hopelessly) to 10 (excellent) and sum them up, we will be able to objectively (in our own opinion) determine at what stage of life we are in to discover the full potential. In my case it was simple:

1. Health 10
2. Relationships with others 10
3. Money 9
4. The feeling of professional accomplishment 9
5. Life energy 8
6. Laughter and fun
7. Inner peace and harmony 9

Things are going well for me so far. Here's my result: 64/70 or 91%. And what is your?

If you have done my test don´t take it too seriously. I am aware success is a very subtle and private thing. I just wanted to point out important factor to discover our full potential. I wish you improving your result every day until you reach 70/70 and maintain it to death:) Success for me is 1. Great health, because without it it is much more difficult to enjoy life. 2. Great relationship with people that uplift us and let us the feel that we are not alone in this world. 3. Good money makes the journey through life more enjoyable and with more options to choose from. 4. Professional fulfillment that follows natural talents makes us man feel like living with the purpose not a part of the rat-race machine. 5. We also need to have Life energy in order to accomplish our dreams. 6. Laughter and fun is important to enjoy life with the big smile and not to treat ourselves damn too seriously. 7. Inner peace and harmony to have respect for ourselves and do not be a slave of limiting habits and weaknesses, to feel control over our mind, emotions and life.

4. Time

The past is history, future is mystery, present is the gift. Past is the combination of memories and experiences that motivate us or let us down.. The future is our projection together with our dreams and fears. We are the products of thoughts and deeds from the past. The only real time we are having is the present moment in which you are reading what I had written earlier. Do you realize that time depends on perception? It's just a movement of earth around the sun. No other moment exists. The past doesn’t matter! Forget about it for a while. You are only here and now. You are the creator of the future. You can freely shape it. You are a blank board. You are defragmented clean hard drive, no junk, no viruses, no Trojans, no apps, brand new mind:) Is it abstraction or utopia? Not at all! To experience this feeling close your eyes for a moment.

Take a deep breath.
Count to 10 and watch where your mind is going, watch the stupidity and the delights that comes into your head ...
Watch them, and don´t name them, don’t judge them, just observe. Be a spectator in your own movies.
You can imagine the mountain lake and thoughts as rain or stones thrown into the lake making a wave or even a storm.
Have fun ...

Open your eyes when you feel like it.

Can you control your mind? It is very difficult but possible. It requires training. Like the beautifully sculpted body requires hours spent at the gym, the same a beautiful mind requires hours spent on deep meditation or prayer. Forget who you were for the moment. Create yourself from the scratch. Reconnect yourself with the true self that always has been inside you.

Perhaps you are already fully satisfied with who you are, what you're doing, how you feel, if so, great. Congratulations! Welcome to the club! I'm also in it, although I still fight with the negative thoughts. I try to notice them and before they take control over me replace them with the positive ones. I catch them as flies diving into the summer fruit juice. I filter them as the coffee machine filters grains. If you have reached level of 70/70 teach me, send me an email, I want you to know. If not this should be only a reference where we are and where are the limits of the human-being potential.

As I said before the past does not exist! You are designer of your future now. It will also depend what is going on in your head. Are your thoughts positive, inspiring or maybe negative full of doubt and criticism? If you get caught in the trap of negative thinking which happens to everyone you always have a choice:

1. Observe them and not to react
2. Let them take over you and leads you on "Autopilot"

The same applies to the positive thoughts. In contrast to many spiritual teachers, living on the positive thoughts I regard as healthy and useful. Sometimes, however it causes a minor danger:) We should learn how to detach ourselves to maintain the super-positive status at any price (have we all seen The American Beauty?) and know that there will be time to feel like shit! It is pretty normal, nothing is permanent, and everything comes and goes: great feeling, hiper happiness, boredom, sadness and despair. If we know it, we know we can be nourished by the positive thoughts in a healthy way.

Why be "impossible optimists" (a favorite word of my mate Darek)? Good thoughts can take you into areas inaccessible to pessimists, good thoughts make impossible possible, if you feed your mind with the positive though you start seeing positive world, and starting a day with the positive state of mind can help you to take the first step towards your goals: make this postponed phone call or answer that email. So every time you talk to "exaggerated" optimist instead of a taking the piss say thank you.

5. Dreams and desires

How to eat an elephant in peaces - accomplishing worldly goals begins with dreaming:) You need to have them first! So it is worth to let your imagination go free:

1. If you won 16 million UDS in Lottery and had 20 years free from worry what would you do?

Would you buy a car, maybe two, a house, would you go for the around the world trip?
And after you had done all of that what would you do with the rest of your days off and money to spent/save/invest?
How would you feel like?
What would you do?
Where would you lived? With whom? How?
Write it on a sheet.
Write whatever comes to your head, on the paper in a notebook, or in Word.

Nobody judges you, no one is looking over your shoulder, just have fun. Feel free, feel like a child! If you are very busy or worried, find the place and time and return to the exercises. Letting your imagination free is the first step to obtain a driving license of your big goals! You have to write them down! Memory is unreliable, especially for things that your mind believes to be impossible.

2. What would you like to accomplish within this year if you knew someone who you trust to (it might be yourself) guarantee your success?

Write all the possibilities ... Memory is unreliable ...

3. If you knew that from the long list of your goals you could pick the only one. Which one would have the most positive impact on your life?

Choose it!

4. Then think of every single action you can do in order achieve that goal including all possible mini goals that would lead to achieve that big one within one year ... You got it?

5. Take one action every single day toward your goal.

There is a scientifically proved magic that written goals are more powerful than remembered.

Fulfilling desires begins with a clear vision of what we want and then step by step implementation of this vision. Whether we succeed or not, we never fully know, but at least we can admit to ourselves that we tried and we haven´t given up.

The prize and satisfaction from the achieved goals is priceless. Imagine yourself in a year, reading the list of goals written a year before. You succeeded! It was not that difficult! How would you feel? Can you imagine it in details? Feel the satisfaction, the people surrounding you, the power flowing through this experience. What would your best friends say? “You are very lucky”, but secretly you would know it has nothing to do with luck! It was your commitment, focus and hard work that was leading you toward your goal. How would you feel?

You should remember that regardless of whether you pursue your dream or not in one year from now you will be a year older. And so there is nothing to fear! Even if it turned out that despite of the hard work, spent money and dedicated time at the end of the year you did not achieved what you have planned? You'd feel like man of action, who takes the bull by the horns, or a weak human-being that flows with the river wherever it takes him. Would you respect yourself? What if it turned out that you didn´t even tried to start while later on you would find out that less talented friends have managed to achieve it? How would you feel? Ask yourself these questions.

Experiment with life by your own rules, not according to the rules proposed by social pressure, profession, family, media, religion, culture, age, material status, family or education.

Come back to this exercises whenever you want! It works.

Look! After all, I'm not better or smarter than you. I have loved but surely normal parents, with their strength and weakness, I was born in poor neighborhood in Poland. I experienced many downhills and disappointments. I almost lost my life in Peru. And apart from that almost all my dreams I was able to achieve, and new projects are on the list waiting to be done soon. Listen to me! It really works! I haven´t made it up nor invented it! Listen differs from the hearing, reading does not mean understanding. You know what I mean? So let´s get things done!

If you would like me to share my knowledge on this subject post a comment, call me or send me a private message. I promise to answer!

6. Gratitude

A very important factor that I try to remember and implement each day. I can count at least 5 reasons why I am grateful today. Sometimes I am grateful to my parents, another time to my girlfriend, the owner and employees of the hostel Iguana, people I met on the road, bakers, builders, drivers, sun, rain, wind, (snow is not on this list, although it should be because thanks to it I can appreciate the sunny Colombian weather all year round:) fruit, cooks, dancers, cleaners, teachers, thieves, street designers, architects, computer scientists, visionaries, brothers and sisters, geckos, butterflies, parrots and bats, whatever comes to my mind.

It is a beautiful feeling knowing that we all dependent to others and participate in creating a better world. Thank you!

7. The Meaning of life

The ultimate goal. Most people have a problem with the answer to the question "Why am I here, what is the meaning of life? I found two answers that fill the gap.

1. The first - spiritual approach. To find out who you really are, to find your true self and reconnect yourself with the Creator / Universe / Life / whatever you call it (I am not talking about an old man who looks down from the sky and judge us or decide whether we deserve hell or heaven, I am not talking about Jesus, who always has been pictured with the worried look, I am talking about something abstract, hard to name and imagine, something bigger then ourselves, that we feel but cannot name it).

2. The second simple, beautiful and “common sense” approach - to serve others by using our most valuable talents, to perform work or services that bring happiness to us and people around

Both versions in my opinion are worth examining.

8. Handling negativity

How to get rid of anger, stress and negative emotions? To accomplish that goal I found a cool simple tool that strangly came to me from different sources at the same time. It works for me. When I feel negative I say to myslef the following words and repeat them many times thinking of something, or someone who has worried or driven me crazy: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you… I m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you… I m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you… I m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you… I m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you…

9. Asking for help

We were taught that man should not ask for help, should not to show his weakness or lack of confidence to the world. What a cultural nonsense. There is nothing like professional advice. Ask for help to find the answer, do not give up. Your situation is not hopeless. Everything is possible! There is an answer to every question. You do not know where and how to ask? Ask God, ask nature, ask yourself. You will succeed, you will find the answer!

In my case, I take my inspirations from prayers or meditations: I ask directly, what should I do and which decision will bring the best positive results for me and others. The answer always comes, sometimes on-time sometimes later. Trust this power. The magic of life starts here.

10. Reality

I do not think there is a objective reality. You might think I am mad but I believe that there are no solid facts, everything is an interpretation - just like in the Matrix.

For example, a war is a reality only for those who know about it, but for the Indian who lives in the Amazon jungle without access to the information is not. Similarly, Indian´s death is not a fact for us until we know it. It is an interesting and abstract topic to study.

Personally, I think that everything is an interpretation. We interpret what we see, feel, touch, feel and experience. Noone will do it for us, we ultimately make decisions of our interpretation. Our reaction only depends on ourselves. Is the interpretation makes you feel good or bad? We should never say that somebody upsets us, that somebody makes as feel depressed. WE depressed upset ourselves on the occasion of the certain situation. We are fully responsible of our reactions.

According to the latest research on quantum physics the world is empty inside. If you look closely on the modern microscope at a brick, a chair, a tree, a dog, a human bones, a drop of water you will notice that they consist of moving molecules that when magnified are empty inside and, depending on who watches them, they change location and shape. The same law applies to our body and all objects that surround us. The world consists of the information and energy. We collectively shape the world. Change the way you think and the world you think will change soon. We change the world with the changing of thinking habits. Sometimes it takes time and it is far more complicated than presented in the movie "The Secret" but it workas as the law of gravity works regardless of whether we believe or not. Even if we were Michael Jordan at the peak of his form and after the long jump we will finally fall to the ground. The same applies to the law that creates the reality first in our mind then it manifests in the material world! But the exact rules, time and details how it works are still a mystery, like the internet or mobile phones would be a magic if we lived 100 years ago.

11. Living without limits

We set the 95% of what is the limit for us and what is not. We are the bosses of our lives. We set the (first in our mind) how much we will be making in the future, what will we do and so on. It depends on us as we live, whether we will live happy or fight to survive. Of course, everything takes time and on the way to full success you will probably encounter many obstacles to overcome, but ultimate success depends mainly on us.

There is no excuse. If you are not satisfied with your current life you can change it. This will require work and patience but I know that most of our limitations are due to our interpretation of the reality. What it means that our interpretation is NOT the absolute truth.

For training, select the two limits or fears which sit on your head and ask yourself a question.

1. Am I 100% sure that it is the ultimate truth?
2. Would you give everything you have as a deposit to take a part in the following game: The game is based on if you can prove to the public that your fear, limitation is the ultimate truth. If you win you gain a million dollar check if you loose you lost your deposit. Would you play this game?

If you do not know how to get started, ask, ask, ask! Pray, ask questions, consult your friends. The answer always comes when the student is ready. Believe me!

12. To be yourself

Be yourself! Many times I have heard it, but what does that actually mean? Does it mean to have your own unique style, listen to the original music, having dreadlocks or tattoo on your arm or maybe it has to do with your own private slang with which you identify with your closest friends? What if everyone had tattoo on the arm, dreadlocks on a head, listening to our extra special unique and favorite music and have the same views? And if we found ut that our slang becomes a proper language used by people who we don´t like? Would you still feel so exceptional, independent, original? We return to the starting point. For me, being yourself / real are:

1. Living according to the Auto-reference - to live independently from the opinions of others, regardless of criticism and praise, according to my own principles that serve me and people around

I reject values confirmed by the "experts" that are not convincing, do serve me or do not fit into my reality.

2. I do not feel better or worse then anyone. Not feeling better than a bom, thief, priest sexually molesting a child, prostitute, Hitler, you name them. On the other hand does not feel less attractive then David Beckham, less rich that Bill Gates, less smart then Albert Einstain and so on… Be yourself means to feel equal. I don´t want to say that we should not award, notice, punish or condemn certain behaviors but we should never condemn people, instead feeling compassion. Everyone makes mistakes and every one is a human-being. I know that for many of us it is difficult to accept, but we are all equal!

3. Living free from labels, from the rules that comes from the nationality, culture, religion, sexual preference, matrimonial status, age, education, background, lifestyle. Living free from the past!

Being yourself has nothing to do with how we are perceived by others, the status we have, what we like and dislike. It is a state of mind, a state of independence!

1. Being self-referral
2. The law of cause and effect
3. Success
4. Time
5. Dreams and desires
6. Gratitude
7. The Meaning of life
8. Handling negativity
9. Asking for help
10. Reality
11. Living without limits
12. To be yourself

At the end I wish you lots of inspiration and reflection on your life. You have had the opportunity to learn at last what is in my head. If something is not clear, or requires development I invite you to discuss the topic. I wish you to have a great day TODAY! If you liked this post, dislike or would like to share your point of view let me know in the post comment. So what do you think?

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