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Today is the day. I set alarm for 8.30 and woke up at 2pm. A little bit confused I took a shower, entered kitchen, took a sip of Colombian cafe and sat down in front of my laptop. I checked emails, facebook, news on (I don´t know wht I am still doing this, I cannot remember any new inspiring word in there, yet I could live without news), I Skyped my mom, wished her happiness, health, prosperity and worldly goals and went out to eat something. While walking down the road I realised that I was extremly happy. I reached 10 for 10 in a scale of well being without any reason. Just like that. Just because I was. Wow. Last night I stayed alone, I didn´t have amazing dreams, I haven´t got any positive news, not money or any new job opportunities. I was just feeling pure happiness and joy of being and I am still feeling this now. Wow. Great. I am wondering how come. Maybe someone sent me positive wishes or been thinking of me in a good way. Maybe. I don´t know... Life is a mystery.

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