Colombia, Cali, Cuando vuelvo?

Everyone is asking me when I will be back. Well. As usually life of the real traveler is hard to define. The most probably I will be back in July this year. I am stuck in Cali because I love this place. Initially I was going to visit Venezuela, then flying to S.Africa for the World Cup, overland up to Israel and back to Poland, but I am still in Cali. Why here? There are many reasons: always pleasent weather (25-32C), friendly beautiful and happy people, totally non-touristic spot, in my oppinion the best parties in the world, latin music being played from every corner and the girl I like a lot and I am dating now - Juanita. It is just feeling great to know that there is somebody in this world calling you "mi novio", "my boyfriend", or "moj chlopak". I have almost  forgotten how it is. If feels like being 16 again! I know, I know... I have learnt that everything in life changes, everything comes and goes. But there is only a present moment, nobody knows the future, so why worrying about it? So I am not. There will be plenty of time to visit Africa, but who knows when will be the time to feel this type of love that everyone seems to chase?

Juanita goes for a month or maybe more to play live gigs with her band around USA in June. And that will be a good moment for me to see my family and  friends. Initially in Poland and then in London. Let´s see what will happen afterwards. Everything is possible. Life is a gift and we need to take the best out of it! This is what I am doing now while redesigning the Iguana hostel old to new website and preparing my portfolio site for the new level between sweet times with my baby.



  1. zostań... zostań... zostań...

  2. :) everything comes and goes, things change.. skąd ja to znam? :] Żadna podróż nie może być zakończona bez ostatniego punktu - powrotu do domu :] Ale podróżuje się przez całe życie, może wkrótce rozpocznie się kolejny wielki rozdział - obojętnie czy to będzie życie w drodze czy chwilowo w jednym miejscu i tak to może być piękna historia :] Życie przed nami, tu i teraz, pz!


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