Colombia, Cali, The Law of Attraction - The Best Resources Part 1

Ask, Believe, Receive.

Why would you listen to me? 

Good question. I am only telling you what I have learnt. As somobody who is Travelling Around The World For 30 months I can share with you how to achieve anything big enough. This is a starting point. Here you will find couple of tips that I find essential to achieve anything you want.

I believe most of you are familiar with the basics of The Law of Attraction. As I have been studying this idea for the last 3 years I would like to share with you best resources I found on Internet as well quick insight into why The Law of Attraction is not working?

1. Why The Law of Attraction is not working?

1.1. Because your wish is not supporting The Universe.

If your wish supports greed and EGO you can wait forever and probably nothing will happen.

For example you are dreaming of Red Sports Car. Does that wish make any good in this world? Ask yourself a simple question. Is your dream/desire supports The Universe, makes you happy and other people? Is your desire help you to grow as a human-being? If so you are on the way to make it come true.

1.2. Because it takes amount of time based on The Law of Karma.

Most of your desires will come to you when the right moment comes. You cannot make it happen in your time. The concept of Karma is based on the idea of The Cause and Effect. All the good thoughts, emotions and actions produce good results. All the negative thoughts, emotions and actions produce negative results. Looking at the potential results it is easier to make good decisions in your life.

The Law of Karma is also connected with reincarnation. I imagine Karma as a Bag of positive and negative seeds that we are carrying through our lives. These seeds are waiting to be planted and then grow to become trees when the right moment comes. The Bag is a mixture of your thoughts, emotions and actions from this and previous lives. This law explains why good things happens to "bad" people and shit happens to so called "good" people. It explains luck and lack of it in terms of natural talents and skills, life conditions, health, beauty and so on. If you are reading this post you are in the small percentage of people in this world with the really good Karma. Think about this and use your potential before it is too late!

1.3. In order to produce good results we need to take actions to plant seeds of our desires.

We need to "show" The Universe that our desire is not only a temporary random wish but it is truly something we need achieve in order to grow. I reckon that it would be disaster if all our wishes realised quickly. We need to help them to manifest by taking actions.

1.4. Because you didn´t master your mind.

I found the only way to master my mind is through meditation. If you have never learnt how to meditate or how to observe your mind for a long period of time your mind is ruling you, not the opposite. It is like driving a car for the first time in your life or sit in front of computer without previous training.

Here is a simple test so you can check out if you are in control of your mind. For the next minute observe your breath (inhale exhale). You can close your eyes. If during this minute you catch yourself thinking about other things for more then 3 seconds then your mind controls you. You are out of the game called Conscious living. The only solution I know is to practice meditation.

If one lives without mind control cannot see synchronicity, cannot see manifestation. There are few bad habbits that don´t help you control your mind: taking drugs, drinking alcohol, living in a fear, worry, stress, insecurity, anger and so on... So... Learn how to meditate and drop mind control obstacles.

So...If you want to achieve anything you want here is a receipt.

1. Know what you want.
2. Ask yourself  if your desire brings happiness to you and others if so...
3. Visualise your desire or create a Mind Movie to help you visualise.
4. Add emotions to your vision, imagine your desire as it happening now.
5. Take any action towards your desire.
6. Be patient and know when the right moment comes The Universe will provide you anything you want.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 everyday or as often as you can.
8. Practice meditation to master your concious and subconcious mind.

Good Luck!

In the next post I will share with you best resources I found on Internet.


  1. Great post Big Fil. All interesting stuff. I look forward to the next one.

  2. Filip!! where did you learn to meditate? Did you learn by yourself or during some courses?

  3. I have learnt about Tibetan meditation in India, McLeod Ganj at the Tushita Center.

    Because not everyone can go to India I recommend you to try Vipassana course - that I have taken in Colombia but is also available around the world. One of the best things I have done in my life. Highly recommended!

    Good Luck

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