Colombia, Cali, Flying phone in Sao Paulo, armed robbery and The Law of Attraction

Few days ago I was on the way to Ecuador for a new 60 days Colombian visa.

28.02.2010 Bolivariano bus from Cali to Ecuador.

As some of you probably know at the midnight on the bus from Cali to Ecuador two armed passangers standed up and terrorised all the bus holding guns in their shaking hands pointing into everyone and screaming MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! I had 300.000 Colombian Pesos (160$), my last credit card, driving licence and two passports in my money belt. I also had my old Nokia, Ipod, a jacket, deodorant and toothbrush in my travel bag. I gave them my wallet with 2.000 CP (1$) inside and they came back to me 3 min later asking for more. Not a big surprise. I was pretty scared but when they walked away into the front of the bus to rob other passengers I managed to put my money belt and my IPOD deep inside my trousers. I took out my sim card from the phone and put my bag on my knees with the phone inside. They came back and screamed "A bag, give me this bag", they took my bag and walked away.

30 min later the bus was free from violence. I was robbed from the bag with the jacket and old Nokia inside. Comparing to other Colombian passengers and few gringos on the bus I was the luckiest one. But I lost my phone and hope that my favorite country, Colombia is safe. Anyway, after 30 hours on the bus I came back to Cali with my new visa and I calmed down. I am still here and I still enjoy being here. But listen what had happened almost a year ago in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

23.03.2009 Sao Paulo

After two crazy months in Brazil at the time of the Carnival my Brazilian experience was about to the end. I was going to cross a border with Uruguay soon. One of my last stops was visiting my Polish friend Maciek in Sao Paulo. We had met in the first week of my travels in Florence 07.02.2007 through my Couch Surfing host Veronica.

As we walked somewhere towards a park in Sao Paulo talking about life, woman, travels I mentioned my Brazilian frustration. In my whole journey I made a big social mistake. I did not buy a Brazilian sim card and at the end I lost thousands of Brazilian contacts written on the pieces of paper. My bag was full of phone numbers, Orkut (Brazilian Facebook) logins, emails and I lost them all. As I was complaining there were a car passing by and I spotted something like a phone flying from the car´s window and landing exactly in front of my feet. It was a new Motorola.

I looked at Maciek and he said as nothing had happened "You asked for the phone and there you have". I picked up the phone and put it my packed. We decided to wait another 5 minutes just in a case the car come back to get its phone. As it did not happen I took the sim card off and put "my" new phone into my packet. We silently walked into the park thinking of what had happened.

We realized that somebody in the car had been fighting with somebody on the phone and had decided to end up conversation by throwing the phone out of the window. Luckily we were passing at the right moment; at the moment when I was complaining about not having a phone. "I need a phone, next time when I am back to Brasil I will get a sim card..." Later on I realized that this was example of The Law of Attraction in action "Ask and you will be given".

As I continued my travels in Uruguay I noticed that it is very hard to unlock my lucky phone. So I used my old Nokia that I had bought in Colombia before coming to Brazil. Few months later I managed to unlock my Motorola in Bolivia but it looked like it was impossible to charge it properly. Battery seemed broken so I put Motorola in my bag and it has been travelling with me for a year waiting or the right moment, waiting for now.

02.03.2010 Cali

As it is hard to imagine social life without a phone after robbery I was going to buy a new Colombian phone. I totally forgot about carrying Motorola in my backpack. While I was looking for fresh socks in my backpack I found my Brazilian Moto. I plugged it to the charger, just to see if it possibly started worked, put my Colombian sim card inside and realized that it was working and charging perfectly. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Thanks god I have been robbed so I can use my great "lucky" phone! And you know what? It is much better then old Nokia. It also have lots of Brasilian cool songs I have not heard before. The stones are rolling. I cannot find a better way to remember about the power of The Law of Attraction then carrying it in my pocket. I know that everything stars with the thought and luckily sometimes it happens right away.

If anyone is interested in how to apply The Law of Attracion, write a comment to this post and I will share with you the best sources I found on internet.


  1. Yes, you have lost many contacts in Rio, and me I have spent lots of reais lending my telephone to you, jeje!
    Low of Attraction, think positive... great philosophies!

  2. Pietro do you remember this Samba dancer in Ipanema who loves Poland and speak my language?

  3. The power of postive thinking...

  4. myśli moc sprawcza> czasem w życiu tak jest, że się wszystko jakoś tak idealnie dogrywa i zazębia. Tylko jakoś z lotkiem nie wychodzi :)

  5. Yes Filip, I remember.
    I think she was a member of CS, yes? In the only night we went out with CS people in Rio. We went out to a CS meeting because it was a boring day, and in the and it has been a funny night!! Unforgettable Rio...

  6. OMG!! I always wished to believe in THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and it worked for me...but not to such extent like in your case....You are really lucky man. I am sure that anybody that touches you gains some luck from you ;) Like monuments in Poland that have polished some parts of body ;) hehe

    Someone can say that what you experienced in this bus was not luck...but I am sure that it could be worse....TAKE CARE

    Can you send me some sources that are worth reading according to you? (about L of A)

  7. If I am robbed, I think I'll freak out. In case of heavy loss, I seldom take too much money with me when I go out.

  8. I like the way Bob Proctor teaches the law of attraction.

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