Colombia, Cali, What is new?

I am travelling inside, hanging out with my Mexican mate Fernando, dating Juanita and designing my Mind Movie - the powerfull tool to design your destiny.

Pictures by Giras El Clavo 2010 by K

And here are two Mind Movies examples that I found on internet. They are cheesy and superficial I know. But it is not the most important. Use them as an example to create your ones.

Google for more Mind Movies... It is great stuff. Don´t worry about bad American taste "The way of success". I just works! You are designer of your life! If you don´t believe it check out other videos from the greatest contemporary minds living on this planet.

If you get the idea Google for more. There is huge movement going on now on how to create reality from within. It worked for me so far so it will for you. Good luck.

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