Colombia, Cali, What is going on? What has surfing to do with making your dreams come true?

I decided to spend few more weeks in Cali. I love this city. If it had the sea access it would be a place to stay forever. Cali has something magical. It is my second time end again new ideas comes to my mind. I cannot explain this but this time instead of practising salsa Calena every night I found an inspiration to make my new web project alive while I am here. No more excuses. I don't want to make the same mistake like with the surfing classes years ago. Let me explain it to you.

When I was 20 something while living in Sopot in Poland I was crazy about surfing and all the life style around it. I was dreaming of surfing big waves while watching TV Extreme channel, but with my Polish limited thinking at that time I didn't know that to make my dream come true I needed only one easy decision. Simply to go for it! To earn a bit money, buy a train ticket or hitchhike to France, Portugal or UK then buy or rent a board and just start surfing. Not a big deal. 10 years later I still enjoy holding a board in the water waiting for the perfect wave but it is not the same feeling as before. Simply I am not the same person, my priorities, passion and ideas about what is cool have changed. I feel like I grew up and don't find it as exciting as before.

Why am I talking about surfing? Since half a year I have been developing an idea about the website that will bring happiness, inspirations, life improving ideas and passion not only for me but also for you and random visitors. And instead waiting for the right moment, which supposed to be the end of my trip I decided to do something about it right now.

Luckily I met great people that inspired me, installed Photoshop on my friends laptop and started designing my site. Now I can feel the true passion and energy that goes through me. It is weird to learn all the photoshop functions again after a while but I feel like at my early stage of web design adventure - passion and joy to design. I know that designing a website is the easiest part, then will come development in which I have never been a champion and in final marketing that although I had learnt in University none of the professors had more idea about the web marketing then an average teenager. For your curiosity the whole idea is to launch a similar web to filipontheroad but less personal and more inspirational. That is what I am working on now. Hopefully you will see it soon.

BTW: i will publish funny pictures from Halloween soon.


  1. Super bracie. Pamiętaj, że zawsze możesz liczyć na moją pomoc.

    PS... Jaki Jones:-)

  2. Witaj Filippo,
    Jestem pod wrażeniem Twoich dokonań i szczerze zazdroszczę Przygody. Znamy się z piłki i Macias podrzucił mi adres bloga. Zdjęcia fantastyczne, relacje ciekawe, miejscami dość osobiste, co doceniam....

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie


  3. Great project!! I love it! If you need something, like ideas, advices, etc regarding mkt,let me know ;)

    Gaby Ochoa.

  4. Albert. Kope lat, jak tam nadal strzelasz brameczki z glowki? Pozdro

    Ziolko, kiedy robisz to prawko, mama mnie meczy.

    Gabi, thanks for your good word. The project is going forward. I hope it will soon be published.


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