Colombia, Cali, A simple Ancient Tibetan technique of how to control your life by becoming aware of what is going inside and outside me

Me and you are pure spirit. On top of that there is so called personality, physical body and list of natural gifts and talents. Most of us are only to a certain point in control of the inner world. And when we are fully in control of our inner world we are fully control of our life. As the Secret says we are the Michael Angelo that designs David. But David is not only our destiny, it is also our personality. It is nothing new to say that all thoughts, decisions, emotions and actions define our future. As well the present moment is a combiantion of all decisions we had made in the past.

I think it is crucial for a personal growth to evaluate on a regular bases a character and habits in order to make a significant change in life. In a few months from now we might become new, better, more positive and truly life enjoying person. When we feel good about ourselves on a daily bases our life makes sense not only for us but also for these around us. Instead of being self obsessed human being that is never fully satisfied we can become happy cheerful creatures living with the purpose and being useful for others. Otherwise there is not much benefit of us being on this planet. As I learnt in India from the Buddhists "if you cannot be useful for others at least don’t be make their life miserable by being miserable person. Learn to control your inner world for a benefit for all around you."

So how to take control of your inner world?

Learn to be aware. I am not talking about awareness of the fashion, brand, music, movies or trends. I am not talking about our preferences, what we like and what we dislike. I am talking about being aware of who we are, what happens in our inner software operation system and what we are doing in every moment of our life. Living aware is living in a present moment as often as it is possible. Hard to do it? Not necessary. It seems tiring only in the beginning, as all new exercises. It requires a bit of practice as driving a car, or cooking a dinner.

From my experience I can highly recommend simple Ancient Tibetan meditation of breath control. It is very powerful and doesn’t require you to believe in anything. If you are Catholic don’t worry it will not destroy your faith. If you are atheist also it will not try to convince you that God exist. This meditation is based on observing you breath as you inhaul and exhale in a relaxed body position.

When you are inhaling you can say "I am inhaling" and imagine air coming inside your nose, as you exhaling say "I am exhaling" and imagine air leaving your nose. Do it for a couple of minutes. Don’t wait for any body sensation just observe how your mind is trying to jump from topic to topic without your control. I found it funny to imagine your breath as your dog you are walking with in a park and trying to control. As soon as you learn how to observe your mind and be able to come back to your breath your life will shift for another level. When you practice this exercise you will see a difference pretty soon. You will start laughing at yourself. You will become person in charge of your inner world. This exercise taught me how to control my mind, and at the end how to control my life. Enjoy.


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