Colombia, Cali, Discovering new planet

So I had thought that only Africa is left. Egipt and Tunesia doesnt count. But... I was wrong. There is much more then Africa. I have just discovered a new amazing universe with the little help of the Amazonan Shaman. Yaaaaaaaa. It was so mind-blowing that I cannot find a word to explain it. Defo one of the top experience of my travels. Now I am 100% sure there is life after dead! Oh yeah!

PS. Dzieki chlopaki za info, sprawdze co sie tam dzieje na serwerze. A i nie martwcie sie wszystko jest ok. Pelna kontrola. Nie jem koki, nie zapisalem sie do kartelu, nie przylaczylem sie do Guerilli. Po prostu robie nowy projekt i chwilowo odpuscilem fotki. Ale wszystko wroci z podwojna sila wkrotce!

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