Colombia, Cali, Before and Now - What I have learnt so far

I am in Cali, Colombia. The capital of Salsa. As you probably know it is a big, hot city full of lively and beautiful people. A must-see place to anybody who want to learn few salsa steps or rumbear (party) all night for the Latin rhythms. Cali as a city seems to be the same but I feel different. I am definitely not the same person as 10 months ago. That is why I decided to write this post. Since June 2007 when I had left London I had learnt lots of new things. Some of them can be measured while the others only felt inside. Now I know how to:

1. Travel alone to a new country or city without a fear.
2. Dive and snorkel (Philippines)
3. Kitesurf - basic (Vietnam)
4. Surf - basic (Indonesia, Mexico, El Salvador)
5. Meditate (India)
6. Play new songs on guitar (India)
7. Do the Canyoning (Ecuador)
8. Dance Salsa, Bachata, Marenque, Cumbia (Latin America)
9. Cook Steaks (Argentina)
10. Speak Spanish (Latin America)
11. Speak Basic Portuguese (Brasil)
12. Take better pictures
13. Read palms and other pseudo psychological tests that helps connecting with people. (Brasil)

Personally is much more important what I have learn about life and myself.

1. What are real benefits of Meditation. (India)
2. How we are all connected. (Thailand)
3. How to get rid of Ego - our false self image and main cause of misery and unhappiness. (Ecuador)
4. Understanding why the Law of Attraction is not always working. (India)
5. How to be fully responsible for everything that happens in your life and around you. (Peru)
6. How judging, analysing and giving opinions create mess in mind. (Argentina)
7. What is happiness and how to feel happy no matter what comes from outside. (India)
8. Law of Karma and how things work in the world full of unhappiness and misery. (India)
9. Reincarnation as the only reasonable explanation of the weirdness of the world. (India)
10. God as an universe that live within everything. (Argentina)
11. Joy and power of true giving and receiving. (Ecuador)
12. What is true love without any if. (Latin America)
13. Everything changes all the time. I am not the same person as a minute ago and you to. (India)
14. The art of living dangerously with the full confidence. (Colombia)
15. How to make insecurity your best friend and find freedom to feel fully alive. (Colombia)
16. Myths about past and future. How to live in present and accept it as the only real thing. (Thailand)
17. My religion is not Christianity nor Buddhism, it is happiness. (Colombia)
18. Why most of people from Western countries look so miserable even if they have much more then others. (Ecuador)

I am learning now how to listen to your heart and make better decisions based on it.
I am also learning how the idea of New Rich can become my new lifestyle.

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  1. Ech gosciu. Mam tylko nadzieje, ze nie zapomniales jak toczyc beczke z bratem. Pa-nie Po-dru-zni-ku:-)


  2. Ku-ra-to-rze=) Nie boj zaby.

  3. spread the happiness Filipku:)
    I'm proud of you hihihi

  4. Hola Filip,

    that's all trueabout all these nice thing you've written. Thanks for share it. :D
    You are so inspirational, really!




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