Ecuador, Puerto Lopez, Traveling in the internet cafe

What happens if you travel too much? You start traveling in the internet cafe. I am Porto Lopez in Ecuador, a great place to watch whales, birds, or trek in the jungle but I am enough! I have done it all! I just need to do something new. So... I am surfing net, reading online book Guaranteed Solutions by Swami Nithyananda and listening fantastic Brasilian music of Seu Jorge - Burguesinha you know that Brasil has got some awesome pretty unknown in Europe music, not only samba, hot people, carnival and beaches? Listen and enjoy. BTW: Thanks Mick (Australia) for inspiration and Karla (Peru) for reminder.

Am I bored of traveling? Nope, just look for something new as always. Feel the end of summer or travel into Rio!


  1. Time to admit it. You´ve seen it all. :P

  2. Hehehe. Niezla muzyczka. pozytywne jak why did you do it. Placa ci prowizje?:-) To taki masz pomysl na biznes internetowy?:-) Wracaj szybko bracie. Juz nawet gosia podlapuje nasze poczucie humoru kooooks.



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