Ecuador, Banos, What next?

Good question. After 2 weeks crazy party in Ecuador it is time to think what next. And here is the rough plan for few weeks for all of you who asking and for myself.


Tue 22 Sep Banos - Just hot springs and salsa
Wed 23 Sep Banos - Canyoning in Banos
Thu 24 Sep Banos - Biking into the monkey jungle in Puyo
Fri 25 Sun Montanita - The last crazy beach weekend in Ecuador
Sun 27 Sep Isla de la Plata - Whale watching
Mon 28 Sep Trip to Otavalo Mercado
Wed 30 Sep Ibarra


Thu 1 Nov Trip to Colombia Popayan
Fri - Sat Weekend in Colombia (Popayan or Cali)
Hanging out in Cali (week plus)
Hanging out in Medelling (few days)
Hanging out in Bogota (few days)


October - Merida, Coast, maybe Caracas, maybe Angel Falls (2-3 weeks)

South Africa

November - From Cape Town in South Africa up to Kenya (2 months plus)

Middle East

February - Egipt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Iran?


April - Poland, London, ...

And then if not having a good job in UK as a webdesigner I start and develop my online business in one of my favourite warm countries (South Europe, Asia, Latin America, South of US, Australia) and be living New Reach Life = enough money plus lots of time=). Sounds like a fairy tale story but who said it is not possible. Ok... There is one exception. If I truly fell in love I can happily change my plans.
BTW... I am sending love message to all people who is reading this! Hugs, Abrazos.

Cu in the world.

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