Peru, Trujillo, Just few words

so you dont worry about me.

Do rodzinki: U mnie jak zwykle wszystko w porzadku. Mama, pamietasz jak czytalismy ksiazke Ciudad Trujillo? Nie wiem kto ja napisalem ale wlasnie jestem w tym miescie. W wyobrazni wyglada duzo lepiej niz w rzeczywistosci. Powoli sie przemieszczam w strone Equadoru. Pozdrowienia dla taty.

For enybody else: I am in Trujillo. It is Monday. City seems pretty dead, and apart from quite impressive pre-colombian archeological sites there is not many reasons to wait until weekend for the parties.

Soon I am going to publish few new pictures from awe-inspiring Nasca. After flying over this magical shapes in a form of Astronaut and so on I am pretty convinced that we are not alone in this Universe. There are other civilizaciones. Good sign yeah?

At the next stage you will see some shots from crazy sandboarding in Ica. That was such an adrenaline rush all together with the mad buggy driver.

Then. Lima. Accoring to most of people I have met it is boring and dangerous city. I dissagree. Lima is a pretty cool town. I have met so many interesting Peruans and my Polish - Aussie couple Don and Yemma. After spending few day there and finally discovering that Barranco is much better then Miraflores I would mind stay there for longer, but... I was also pretty enough of party, drinking and never ending night life. As Mick said it is not a good idea to have everything too much. Balance is the key. Am I getting older? Maybe. Or maybe looking for something deeper as probably most of us Hedonists.

I am ready to take part in Vipassana Meditation course but the first one I found around is in December in Medellin. I am not sure if I will be able ot wait until that time.

Tomorrow I am moving to Mangora a beach resort close to Equador. Strange feeling but after seeing Machu Picchu I found out that there are not any other highligts I was looking forward to see. Anything nice will be just a nice surprise. Or maybe at this stage of my trip I need to be for a minute at home?


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