Bolivia, 5 things not to miss in Bolivia

1. Salar de Uyuni - Admire this breathtaking landscape from another planet and forget about freezing almost into death

2. Isla de Sol - Sit down on the rock and feel the spiritual heaven in this truly beautiful island at the Ticicaca lake surrounded by happy, friendly indigenas Aymara and their shamans

3. Pampas and Jungle around Rurrenabake - Experience sound and taste of the purest nature while looking into wild eyes of Alligators, Caymans, Capybaras, Anacondas, Cobras, Monkeys, Birds, Piranhas, Pink Dolphins and any wild animals and insects you can imagine.

4. The Dead Road - Race on the bike with other crazy travelers on this infamous and the most dangerous road in the world from La Paz to Coroico while passing graves and crosses from the unlucky ones

5. City Hang Out - Hang out with locals and travelers in the easy-going Sucre and the spooky La Paz

Plus many more... easily can create other best five. It is such a wonderful country.

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