Bolivia, Sucre, being FREE, temporary enlightned=)

Yes, I feel free. Totally. It finally came to me in Bolivia. I almost forgot how it feels. It is something like being fully in love but better because it comes from inside. I am aware that this feeling might soon go away but it is not important now. I am living in present, soaked in this moment. It is overwhelming and I would like to share it with you. If I manage to keep up like that for longer I will evaluate the topic so you can try to practice it as well. It is just fucking great. Fingers crossed. Peace. It is nothing religious. I am not mad. But anyway lets God bless you now.


  1. mówisz o tym ostrym lansie w tych wszystkich barach i lokalach, right?

  2. Cwaniaczek=) sie odezwal=)

  3. I o tym szalonym locie pomiedzy lokalnymi pieknosciami, hmmm? Widzimy sie w Mitos panie Filip!



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