Bolivia, Sucre, 2nd year of On The Road anniversary

Today is my 2nd anniversary of being non stop On The Road without a single break for work. 47 countires, 5 continents, 2 million photos, 6 lost cameras, hundreds of wonderful people all around the world. How great it feels. Huh? If somebody told me that I would be away for 2 years I would have never believed. It has just happened.

Traveling is so inspiring, so exciting that it is hard to find a substitute. Career, relationships, family... I am sorry to say but nothing can compare to be on the road, to feel excitement when you arrive in a new place, when you meet new inspiring people, when you see unpredictable nature, antique architecture, warm culture of the locals, tasty exotic food. It is just mind blowing. It is like sex, it is hard to talk about it you need to experience it to know what it means and how it feels.

I would like to thank everybody for support and appreciation, especially my family, my close friends from Poland and abroad, and my fellow travellers who were not only the great company but also inspiration for life. I promise one day I will come back and we will spend as much time together as both of us are enough=)

I keep on searching for the good spirit and inspiration in traveling around the world. There is Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Africa and Middle East left and then... will see=) Big hug for you! Cheers, zdrowko, Salut.

Remember that your only limitation is your imagination. So...?


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