Argentina, Rosario, 5 things not to miss in Argentina

Just for fun I decided to point out 5 things not to miss in each country. As I am still in Argentina lets start from A.

1. Asado - if you think you can cook beef, or your father is doing great barby, go to Argentina and you will never look at the steak the same. It is more then brilliant. There is no word that explains how delicious Argentinian beef can be well prepared by Argentinian. With the good company, wine and music you will never forget this country.

2. Foz de Iguazu - if you want to see a mindblowing waterfall before you die, forget about Niagara. Go to the ARg-Brasilian border to see some extraordinary nature.

3. Perito Moreno - You hate cold? Dont worry you will never say this after visiting that awesome glacier. Officially you dont have to go to Antarctica to feel the power of ice.

4. Usuaya - Sounds cheesy, but this is officially fin del mundo, the end of the world. As they say where you start dreaming. Do some snow trekking in Terra del Fuego and feel happy warming up at the fireplace afterwards.

5. Tango - watch 60 years old passionate Argentinians dancing this most sensual dance over the planet. Or learn it if you have time and patience. Just to keep up with the South American beardy casanovas.


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