Argentina, Cordoba, Wishes for you

I know it has nothing to do with the travels, but I am at the internet cafe, waiting for the bus to Salta (Argentina) and reading, listening some inspiring stories.

If you are still reading my post I am truly wishing you peace, harmony, laughter and love. Imagine that you have them all in this moment. How great it feels, hah?

I have couple of photos from Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba which I will publish one day and being honest I cannot wait to visit last city in Argentina and finally move to Bolivia. I need a fresh culture, I feel thirsty of adventure. I think I found one reason why I travel. I am just easily getting bored when I am stuck and travel makes me feel like I am on the constant path into unknown, into surprise, into beautiful life.

Again imagine: peace, harmony, laughter and love.
Great hah?

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  1. Hey Filip, it's Faz from Bulldog. Loving your blog posts and following your adventure, I have a mate in cordoba, I should have forwarded his details so you could have hooked up and checked it out properly...keep up the free spirit man, lovin it!


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