Argentina, Buenos Aires, Bla bla

After weekend in Mar de Plata, I came back to Buenos Aires. Finally I left the hostel lifestyle and I am staying with the couchsurfers: Tobi, Ana, Aliosha and Mariano. It is totally different experience. I feel like I am traveling again. In the following days I want to see if I like tango, I have to wait for my credit cards and experience few parties with Portenos (people who live in Buenos Aires). It is hard to write anything at the hangover state.

What happened in last few weeks: tasting everyday the best beef in the world, going for wild parties, meeting random people, taking Spanish classes, discussing art with local artists, trying Bigos and Pierogi with my Venezuelan friend, meeting other Venezalans , dating Buenos Aires, watching Boca Juniors, visiting my friend in Mar de Plata, reading 7 laws of spiritual success by Deepak Chopra - very inspiring, sightseeing and getting ready for the next stage of my trip.

I feel like I traveled more inside myself in Buenos Aires then in any other city in America. Maybe because I felt a bit lonely for the first week¿ As I have heard past is the history, future is the mystery and presence in the gift in your hands.

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