Argentina, Buenos Aires, BA as London, BA como London

Buenos Aires reminds me of London. Big city, lots of people, traffic, massive impersonal nightlife, and a bit of loneliness. If I was going to compare both cities there are more similarities than differences.

London has

+ great job opportunities (at least before economical crisis)
+ is a cultural center of the world
+ convenient access to social services like Post Office, Doctor ...
+ cheap airlines flying anywhere in Europe and in the world
+ great parks and open spaces in the city
+ cultural diversion including all languages and skin colors in the world
+ the best football teams
+ parties usually end up at 2am not at 7am
+ modern art
+ good English sense of humour

Buenos Aires has

+ better weather
+ better looking women
+ easy flight to best city in the world=) Rio de Janeiro
+ great Italian and Spanish inspired food
+ romantic language

Why am I writing about this. Because I am bored of taking photos of Buenos Aires, in somehow that city stopped inspiring me. Or its just caused by the never ending hangover.
I am stuck with the Spanish course which I bought and I have to complete. Otherwise I am ready to go. I am ready to hit the road and again feel the joy of exploring unknown. Am I already addicted?


Buenos Aires me recuerda Londres. Es una ciudad muy grande, mucha gente, trafico, vida nocturna tan grande e impersonalizada, y tampoco me siento solo.

Londres tiene

+ trabajo con muchas oportunidades (aunque antes de la crisis economica)
+ es el centro cultural del mundo
+ accesso para servicios sociales como Correo, Medico...
+ aviones baratos hacia toda Europa y del mundo
+ parques y espacios abiertos en dentro de la ciudad
+ diferencia cultural incluye todos los idiomas y colores de piel
+ mejores equipos de futbol
+ las fiestas terminan a las 2 de la noche no a las 7 de la mañana
+ arte moderno
+ me gusta el sentido de humor de Inglatera

Buenos Aires tiene

+ mejor clima
+ mujeres mas lindas
+ accesso facil y rapido para llegar a la mejor ciudad del Mundo: Rio de Janeiro
+ comida rica con influencia Italiana y Española
+ idioma romantico con buen sonido

?Por que estoy escribiendo sobre eso? Porque estoy aburrido de sacar fotos de Buenos Aires. ?No se por que pero la ciudad no me inspira mas?. O posiblemente la razon es la resaca que no se puede terminar. Tambien tengo clases de Español y tengo que pasar 12 horas mas. Pero estoy listo para salir. Estoy listo para viajar y sentir la felicidad de explorar cosas nuevas. Piensas que soy adicto?


  1. Hey! interesting post. I have head London looks like Buenos Aies inmany ways. London is the city I'd love to know the most in Europe. It's not coz it's similar to BA at all! juts coz There is something about England and its history, and most of my fab writers are English. I also live how the countrysied and people look like there. I have had an English Girl friend kond of girlfriend who was SO NICE, AND missed the chance to go and know her there.. I don't know if Ill ever recover from that. Anyway.. I hope I can get to know that country one day
    take care

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