Brasil, Florianopolis , Last days or nights in Brasil.

For the last days in Brazil finally I have met few Polish and happily we could have talked like Pole with Pole. I have met
- a boring couple from Warsaw in Rio (Znowu jakis Polak nas tu zagaduje a mialo byc tak wyjatkowo)
- Anita from Nowa Sol – quite hot girl in Isla Grande (in Brazil its hard for girls to be hot even if you are Polish)
- Maciek from Torun – the most handsome Pole who is studying in Sao Paulo (real ladykiller:)
- Przemek z pod Gdanska i Maciek z Rzeszowa - funny mates who work for Ryan Air in Ireland.

Apart from the Skype conversations with my family I can't remember when I spoke Polish for such a long time. I can tell you that was great experience. I want more... Sometimes people ask me if I am missing home, family and so on. I know what I miss the most - Polish spoken language and intelligent Poles. Our language is really rich and funny, there are so many wicked and sophisticated expressions impossible to translate. Expressions spoken with the particular accent and pronunciation. If there is anything I wish I had while traveling is few funny Poles in each hostel to joke and swear while commenting reality. I love Poles who travel, who lived abroad, who have seen the world. You guys rock. I wish there where more of us.

Its nice to speak English, great to speak Spanish and quite sexy to communicate with broken Portuguese but nothing will replace few hours with funny and smart Poles.

Btw. Do you know who travel the most? (We are not talking about 2 weeks holidays in Creta)

I group (most backpackers for a hostel) – Australia, UK, Israel
II group – Germany, France, Canada and US, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Switzerland,
III group – Italy, Spain, Ireland, Japan, Holland, Belgian

IV ... the rest of the world. I wish one day we were in the III group. That would be great. Or maybe its time to leave your job? Are you really happy there? Maybe its time to break, or charge your batteries. Be brave...

Zdrowko, i nie dajcie sie wciagnac w turbinke.


One day I would like to share with you ale the fantastic experience I have had in Brazil. Traveling can be overwhelming, it seems like I dont have enough capacity in my memory to remember all my experience. Yesterday I looked at the photos from Panama (November) and it felt like watching black and white pictures from primary school. If I didn't take pictures I would have remembered what happened. That's why we all love cameras. Imagine the camera that takes pictures of our imagination, emotions and thoughts. That would be something or maybe scary. Ha?

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