Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, What is next?

Finally I reached Rio de Janeiro. I can easily say that that is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen if not the most one. It is just perfect. One day I want to live here. It is situated along the sandy coast, and green mountains, with the sophisticated culture and gorgous people. Smiles, parties, good food and beach lifestyle including all the water summer sport you can imagine plus unique latin vibe spiced by samba and bossanova.

After Carnival time in Olinda, Salvador de Bahia and Rio I am going to favela trip this afternoon. I am feeling so excited. Also for the football fans yday I visited famous Maracana and watched football game between Fluminense and Botafogo. I was supported Botafogo which has had increadible fans and unforgettable atmosphere. They are qualified to the final cup which will happen following Sunday. I would say that technicaly I havent seen such a skilled players in one team. I watched Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal and Botafogo easily would play with them as equal team.

Anyway when I find a bit of free time I will publish some photos from Carnival and Rio. Be prepared.

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