Colombia, Leticia, Highlights from last 2 weeks

I am leaving tomorrow for 4 days amazon river boat trip through Brasil. As you probably noticed I stopped publishing photos on this blog regularly. There are few reasons for that.

- My laptop was stolen in Colombia (that was my fault)
- My last SLR camera was stolen in Costarica (that wasn´t my fault), so I use simple digital Sony.
- I realised that the more time I spend in front of computer the more I am missing the real life experience.
- I started enjoing other way of traveling.
- I am back to meditation and visualisation - I can see positive results.
- I am designing my plan for the future.
- I partied recently too much, so most of the photos are from salsotecas and randon rumbas with party people in Cali.

I also realised that I will have my 33 years old birthday soon (25th of Jan). I must say that birthdays were always important to me. I don´t know why. It was always good to see all my friends in one place celebrating with me. I refreshed my memory and thought of my previous bdays and what I had been doing at that time:

33 - Brasil, Amazon River - ...
32 - Cambodia, Sihanoukville - Beach party, hanging out with funny French buddy I can´t remember a name and Cambodian party people
31 - UK, London - Posk - Polish party and brilliant video making with my London´s mates, mostly Polish.
30 - UK, London - Na Zdrowie - Getting drunk by Tyskie beer and eating huge amount of pierogi with Bulldog mates and my old polish friends
29 - UK, London - The worse bday in my life - having another fight with my ex girlfriend Ewelina in Slone Square, god bless her and her husband:)
28 - Poland, Sopot - Enjoying last months in Poland with my funky noc w 3miescie crew
27 - Poland, Sopot - Last family party with my ex-girlfriend Iwonka and cousin Marcin
26 - Poland, Sopot - I can´t remember ...

0 - Poland, Gdanks - I was luckily born:)

As I am dowloading Picasa and it might take a while before I publish anything. You have to probably wait few days. I am going quickly share with you what can you expect from this blog in a short time. I am going to publish photos from:

0. Colombia, Pesto - Hanging out with Couch Surfers at the river side
1. Colombia, San Cipriano - Tubing in the jungle plus drezyna car

2. Colombia, Cali - Best party photos

3. Colombia, Kilometer 18 - The last date with Carolina

4. Colombia, Photos of Carolina - Yes she is realy pretty

5. Colombia, Bogota - Cloudy capital

6. Colombia, Leticia - Meeting Amazon shaman William - I will try to explain all the wicked rituals plus natural drugs I used for halucinations and cleaning up my body and soul

7. Colombia, Leticia - Trekking Wild Amazon jungle

8. Colombia, Leticia - Visiting indigenous friend´s house in the jungle
9. Brasil, All the photos from Amazon river trip.

I want you to survive the winter and think a bit about your goals and what do you want to achieve in following months. Put yourself in a positive state and fly with your imagination as anything is possible. Write everyting down. It is your secret and nobody will be judging you or looking at through your arm.

That´s what I did when I was 18. I wrote on the peace of paper "Traveling around the world" as it would be possible. You can imagine that in 1994 in Poland anybody but Tony Halik (famous polish traveller) who had thought of traveling around the world would be have be taken for an idiot. Yes I was an idiot, but who cares who I was 15 years ago. What I am doing now is exacly what I had been dreaming about. So you can dream too.

Anything is possible. The only thing we don´t know is time. We have to be patient and do what we should be doing according to our heart.

Are you ready to fly?


  1. Chłopie,samych szczęśliwości w tym roku. Udanego karnawału i wyprawy na Czarny Ląd. Niech Ci się wiedzie a pozytywna energia niech dalej emanuje z ciebie. Pozdrówka!

    P.S. Niezłe były też urodziny z karaoke gdzie śpiewaliśmy Metalikę a Stadniś Boltera "Daj mi tę noc"

  2. Piknie.
    Wszystkiego dobrego. Niech dżungla służy na urodziny.


  3. Spóźnione życzenia urodzinowe - od Pereła, Eweliny i... nie wiadomo jeszcze kogo! :)

    Masz jakiś telefon? Daj znać!

  4. Spóźnione potężnie życzenia! Ale zawsze, mate! Trzymam kciuki! I tymi marzeniami to masz 100% rację



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