Colombia, Cali, What is new

You have been thinking what is up with Filip. I can tell you. A lot but nothing much new. This time I will not bore you with the pictures from the never ending parties, giving hugs to the Latin beauties or having fives with the crazy Colombian dudes. All my life now is about salsa, Spanish, party, meeting people and looking for new inspiration for the rest of my travels. I am about to make a decision about my next move. I have got two options. The first one is easy and not much challenging - Ecuador, Peru and so on. The other one requires a bit of risk. Venezuela, Brazil. The risk is about Brazil in Carnival. All the accommodation is booked and bloody expensive, so I will be fully relying on the travelers, locals who will let me to stay in week of Carnival. The decision will be made soon. But I guess I know what I want...

I just want to say a word for the new year "Never let your dreams sleep inside you, never give up. Your life is what you make it of."

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