Colombia, Cali, One of these private paradises

Un dos tres y, sinco seis siete y (Calenian salsa style). That´s what I am doing now if not dating a Colombian beauty, learning Spanish, sharing a beer with Mike – my Aussie mate from Melbourne who I had met in Transiberian train or having good time with Couchsurfers from Cali.

If you expect some spectacular photos from Cali let me know. I have lost strong motivation to publish photos everyday for God sake of publishing. There is so much to see and do that I don´t want to spend lots of time in front of my pc. Let me know if there is anything special you would you like to see or read?

I have also heard that there is -20 degree in Poland? Is it truth? Do you know that the warmest clothe I carry in my backpack is the light orange jumper bought in Poland in August 2007. I haven´t used it since Yellowstone in July 2008. There is 30th degree in Cali during the day and 25th at night.

I didn´t even noticed that we had a New Year since there is New Years Eve party almost every night. I love Colombia. If not my travel planes I would easily have stayed here. It’s kind of a lost paradise on the earth. I had similar feeling only in Sopot ( before I left Poland), Lisbon (Portugal), Sicily(Italy), Philippines, Mexico, and here in Colombia. It´s one of these private paradises.

The most ironic is that even after being robbed in Cali I didn´t change my opinion about this great country and it´s fantastic people. Maybe because I was robbed in so many places including Gdansk Wrzeszcz, and Upper Street in London.

But… There is Brasil, Argentina, Peru waiting… Plus some African pearls. It´s called addiction to travel and I can´t help it. All I wish you is to taste it alone for longer then a month in Asia or Latin America. You will never come back the same.

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  1. Zyjesz bracie? Long time no info. Masz jakis nr tel?


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