Colombia, Perreira, Even an average movie can inspire me;)

I know that it might sound so silly but I have watched a movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and I am really feeling inspired. What a great feeling. It's not the best film I've ever seen, I'd say it's rather random movie but in some ways gave me an idea to share with you some thoughts.

It seems so simple but all we need to do is to live to the full, learn to be happy and useful. As Dale Lama said. We are living here only for a while. We are only visitors. We need to make sure that are life makes sense to others, that we should make our best to give more then take, by being nice to others, by being useful, by treating others with respect and love. To live happy we need to bring more happiness than sorrow. No more shitty news. No more depression. No more Stock Market complains. No more energy waste for things that are not the most important.

We are having a great chance to improve this world by treating others in a different way what we are used to. No more competition, no more jealousy, no more negative thoughts about others. Or at least for today:)

Life is not about competition and thinking in terms of losers an winners. We are all creating this world. Everybody is useful. Even a homeless person on the street can teach us how to be more sensitive and not being selfish. This is our planet for now. Make it better place to live.

I just had to take it out from chest. I haven't been inspired to write for a while but I hope it's the right moment. Can you feel that energy? We all can live our passionate life. We all can achieve great goals if we start thinking positive about ourselves and people around. We can help other to be happier simply by being better people.

I know that words are only words. So I would like to encourage you to send one email/sms to somebody important to you. Somebody who you should be grateful for something. Just do it now. Just say thank you. Send an sms.


We can really create a better world by constantly being proactive and use that energy in positive way. Anything is possible. I guess it's nothing new but my biggest goal in my life is to be happy for as much as possible. To be satisfied of what I am doing and who I am at every moment of my life.

One day I would like to use the skills I've learnt to bring more happiness to others. No matter who am I talking to I want to feel that I am spreading a happiness spray. I want to make a video of that. I am spraying love. I am spreading joy, fun, good vibes. Can you feel it? Are you feeling better then 5 minutes before? If so, it means that this blog makes sense:)

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