Colombia, Medellin, Thinking instead of cocaine

If our life is just a mirror of our previous actions and thoughts I'd love to design the future life now, so I know that every single moment leads me to life I'd only be dreaming about. Many times I feel like am dreaming while traveling but at the same time I know that at the certain point I need to stop and make money. At that point I'll be back to the normal life.

Recently I've met wonderful Colombians who showed me another lifestyle. The type of lifestyle that most of us only dream about. Lifestyle with the great weather for the whole year, decent salary and many days off, kind friends who are not afraid to say I love you, I like you. Life with good home made food, positive family vibe, love, joy and fun without falling into boredom I usually can experience while hanging out with random backpackers.

I decided to take a day break from crazy Colombian nights and think what's next. I need to design a rough plan for my life for next few years.

My recent short terms goals are:

1. Traveling across South America and maybe Africa finishing at Israel.
2. Learning decent level of conversational Spanish.
3. Practising good level of Salsa so I will never forget what to do with hands and legs together:)
4. Improve certain areas of my life (financial, social, health and well being, creating space for the future plans)

My long term goals are mystery even for myself. Apart from obvious (family, health, good money, good friends, lots of fun, happiness) I can't make a decision where I want to live, what I want to do for living. It's probably nothing new for most of us. Especially for these who have seen many countries, met zillions of different people and experienced lifestyles on the edge. Maybe it's time to start asking questions, look for some answers and get focused on few options rather then dream about many opportunities without taking actions.

It's so easy to loose control over your life chasing party after party, sightseeing galleries after museums, trekking after snorkeling, dancing, kissing and sleeping with the most amazing women a man can only imagine, killing time at the hostels with fellow travelers, wandering around the colonial towns with camera, taking photos of strangers, friends, kids, girls, students, streets, shops, parks.

It's been already 10 days in Medellin and I feel like I am stuck in one place for ages. Too many new experiences to even think about. It's like waking up and being pushed into the happy train, not having a time to think about life, not because lack of time, but rather because of constant emotional or physical hangover and insecurity. It's like being a teenager who enjoys every moment of holidays but subconsciously knows that soon or later has to go to school and wake up at 6.30 in the morning in order to reach school and trying hard not to feel asleep caused by boring teachers and unrealistic school programs.

Where I want to live? Or maybe I should stay gypsy forever. I am not a big fan of cold weather, lack of sun, waking up early in the morning, seeing depressed or complaining people, drinking every night in order to forget miserable life and lack of real human affection while being sober. I feel sorry being surrounded by people who value the most money, carrier, celebrities, tv and social status. I also hate doing boring stuff. So I need to take some time and think what's next and how to prevent myself from samsara.

Are you familiar with that feeling? Any thoughts?


  1. Hola Filip!

    Es verdad que a veces somos un poco ciegos y no disfrutamos nuestra vida (somos muy cotidianos)y olvidamos que la vida es para Conocer, Disfrutar y Ser Felices con lo que queremos hacer, y enfrentar nuestros miedos.
    I Hope you understand this spanish text :)

    Hughs Polaco-latino!!!

    Gaby Ochoa -México-

  2. Hm. Chlopie. podrozuj ile mozesz, a potem? No coz. Niech to co przezywasz bedzie ci otoczka i oslona. Jestes czlowiekiem ktory nie raz udowodnil ze granice sa tam gdzie my je stawiamy a nie tam gdzie je znajdujemy. Jestes wielki i nie pozwol by ktos lub cos wlalo ci lyzke dziegdziu do beczki miodu. Emocje ktore odczuwasz sa tak pelne i wspaniale.

    Pozdrawiam cie bracie

  3. hey, you king of life :)

    it's a pleasure coming back here every now and then.

    pictures are pictures, I believe you create some tension only with your reflections, just like in the post here.

    it's really enjoyable to see how you make your best to sneak a bit of ideology to your outrageously consumerist lifestyle, hidden behind the passion of travelling :)
    what I dislike, however, is when you regularly get into this simplistic view of things, dichotomy between boring life and its cool antithesis, "the type of lifestyle that most of us only dream about".

    spanish must be a good bet, but trust me: the real misery is that you let your german go slack, ha ha!

    keep up the good work,
    best regards

  4. 100% Columbians :) to jedna z naszych ulubionych płyt FLC, wracaj komp już włączony - tylko włączyć RECORD! z tej podróży wyjdzie z 45 płyt demo, haha....zawsze mi powtarzałeś: "only sky is the limit!" - God bless U always Bro! Seba-Gayers :)

  5. Ja pierdziele Filip, ujales wszystko to, nad czym sie zastanawiam od dluzszego czasu.....po czesci rowniez stad ta moja decyzja co do wyjazdu do Brazylii....mam nadzieje ze przedyskutujemy to przy caipirinhi w SP...:)
    3maj sie


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