Colombia, Cali, In my perfect life game

I´m in Cali and show must go on. But instead of new photos from the wild party I would like to share with you more thoughts I had written in Medellin.

Let's play around as anything is possible. How my perfect life would look like?

In my perfect life there is lots of balance. There is laughter and silence, love and understanding others, friendship and place for exchange different views without being offended or ignored. There is an affection and personal space, family and individual growth, creativity and simple tasks, fun and deep conversation, yoga and football, games and books, parties and meditation, interviews and speeches, picnics by the lake and urban lifestyle, healthy food and Italian pizzas, sun and clouds, beach and mountains, big shows and local cafes, theatres and movies, music and sounds of nature, fresh coffee and clear spring water, good wine and fresh squeezed orange juice, perfumes and smells of happy dog, flowers and pictures, plastic chairs and wooden tables, colors and negatives, fresh clothes and vintage leather jackets, warm architecture and spacious modern balcony, happy people and people looking for love. In my perfect life It's never freezing:)

In my perfect life there are no unsolvable problems. Everything seems to be in order. In my perfect life there is no time and and space for jealousy, boredom, doubt, sickness, frustration, unfulfilled expectations, hate, war, ignorance. All my life is filled with trust, fun, joy, laughter, belief, health, love and appreciation.

In my perfect life there are people around me when I need them and I'm around where they need me. There are various friends who enjoy my company, my lifestyle, my jokes, my level of craziness. I'm surrounded with people willing to do interesting creative projects, people who love to laugh and share. People who inspire me and are willing to be inspired.

In my perfect life anything is happy, easy and effortless. All goals are realistic and within the reach. In my perfect life I am open to any opportunity that comes to me. I inspire people and get paid for it. I can feel that anything is well balanced. There are no place for bad emotions and quite moments.

I have got the feeling that we are almost fully in control of our lives. We are only limited by karma and ourselves. If we are limited by karma we need to take it easy, let it go and do our best to get out from it. In a field of our own limitation we are designers of our present and future. When we understand this our conscious journey stars.

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