Travel Experience: Central America, USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, NZ, Northern Africa

Traveling period: 27.06.2007 Pisa, Italy - now
Last update: 08.02.2008, Vietnam, Hoi An

El Salvador
South Korea

Italy back to the top
1. Length of stay - 6 days

2. Famous of - Architecture, design, fashion, football, machos, artists, cheesy music, Tutti Frutti, Felicita, Mafia, food, lifestyle

3. Best experiences - Partying like a king with Polish expats in Florence, Exploring the beauty and charm of Florence with Weronika, Wandering around stunning Venice with love in my mind, Tasting any type of food, Partying in Venice on the backpacker camping with Kiwis, Dutch and Norwegians, admiring style and old architecture anywhere I go

4. Worse experience - Italians on the north are a bit snobbish and often unfriendly

5. Funny experience - Having laugh with awesome Polish mates in Florence

6. Bizarre experience - Everybody tries to straight up the tower in Pizza on the photo

7. Food - Pizza yummy

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - CS friend for free

10. People - stylish, beautiful

11. Piza, Florence, Venice

12. Surprises - Even if I much prefer the south of Italy, this country is one of the most amazing in the world

13. Recommendation - Not being in Italy is like not traveling at all

14. What I have learned:
"There is love and affection in Europe - I have seen people kissing on the streets"
"The food is so good that it will be difficult to enjoy pizza or pasta outside of Italy"
"Couchsurfing rocks"
"The calming smell of the wooden priers in Venice makes you feel in love"
"Italy has almost everything that I love: great food, wine, beautiful people, romantic language, unique style and design, fantastic architecture, variety of nature, smiles and easy-goingness of the locals"

Slovenia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 3 days

2. Famous of - The only ex-Yugoslavian country in EU, misinterpreted with Slovakia, skiing

3. Best experiences - Exploring day lifestyle of Ljubljana, Partying like a superstar until the morning with the locals, Meeting friendly Slovenians

4. Worse experience - I had to leave Slovenia soon

5. Funny experience - Hostel stuff jokers

6. Bizarre experience - Slovenia has a lot in common with Polish in terms of language and mentality

7. Food - Take a Burek before going for drinks

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 6 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Super friendly, sexy, funny, interesting, fun loving

11. Ljubljana

12. Surprises - Slovenia rocks, its Eastern European country in the Southern Western Europe

13. Recommendation - Go to Ljubljana and spend some time with the locals

14. What I have learned:
"In order to succeed in life you need accept help from others"

Croatia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 7 days

2. Famous of - Pretty coastline, sailing, Suker and other talented football players, summer cheap holidays

3. Best experiences - Meeting interesting Croatian girl born in German on the boat to Hvar, Exploring beauty of the old town of Split and Dubrovnik, Partying the whole night and staying in the best hostel in the world with friendly backpackers, Having fun on the beach of Dubrovnik with Holvar and funny French friends

4. Worse experience - Some of the Croatians are racists, most of them hate Serbians and don't like foreigners

5. Funny experience - Happy times with Dubrovnik backpackers

6. Bizarre experience - Croatian language is very similar to Polish and I wasn't stoned:)

7. Food - Better to stick with Pizza

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 15 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Sexy, arrogant, confident, cold

11. Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik

12. Surprises - Dubrovnik is as expensive as London

13. Recommendation - Pretty country, but don't expect too much from the locals it's better to stick with backpackers

14. What I have learned:
"Being a foreigner does not automatically mean that you will have more attention."
"You cannot judge a gift by its package, with the open mind you can find joy in every situation"
"If something is expensive usually it means good value"

Montenegro back to the top
1. Length of stay - 4 days

2. Famous of - The newest country in Europe, Euro, ex-Yugoslavian smallest country

3. Best experiences - Partying with pretty young Montenegrin in Budva, Exploring the real beauty of Kotor with Karen

4. Worse experience - Only few people speak English

5. Funny experience - Happy laughing with the locals in Budva

6. Bizarre experience - Striptease on the beach in Budva Clubs accessible for everyone even kids

7. Food - Some good seafood

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 7 GBP for a room

10. People - Good looking, shy, funny, interesting

11. Kotor, Budva

12. Surprises - It's a pretty undiscovered country

13. Recommendation - Go if you are enough of growing prices and massive crowds in Croatia

14. What I have learned:
"SLR Camera helps to make friends in undeveloped countries"

Bosnia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 3 days

2. Famous of - Sarajevo, War, Muslims, tough soldiers

3. Best experiences - Taking the war tour in Sarajevo, watching locals jumping from the bridge at Mostar

4. Worse experience - Withdrawing piss preasure on the bus to Montenegro in the middle of the night

5. Funny experience - Full-on guide in Sarajevo trying to save his face after faux pau

6. Bizarre experience - Trying to jump into the river from the famous bridge in Mostar

7. Food - Some good kebab like rolled and grilled beef

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 4 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Brave, tolerant, overwhelmed by the history

11. Mostar, Sarajevo

12. Surprises - There are plenty of after shot holes in almost every old building in Sarajevo

13. Recommendation - Go to check the nonsense of war in today's world

14. What I have learned:
"You have to be careful with some comments since it is easy to offend somebody who have gone through hard time - Watch out what do you say in public to avoid troubles"
"All religions are good until they do not separate you from others human beings - ask yourself, do you feel better person then somebody who believe in other religion, do you accept other believes, do you acept atheists, agnostics?"

Albania back to the top
1. Length of stay - 2 days

2. Famous of - Unwanted Albanians all around the Europe, almost like Italians, danger, poverty

3. Best experiences - Listening to the awesome modern jazz in a fancy club in Tirane, Wondering around cool city Tirane with Slovakian mates and admiring street life

4. Worse experience - None

5. Funny experience - I was the only one in a group of eight backpackers who didn't pay for visa, good to be Polish:)

6. Bizarre experience - There are more Mercedeses on the streets of Tirane then anywhere in Germany

7. Food - A bit like Turkish but not as tasty

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 3 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Cool, talented, tricky, funny, stylish

11. Tirane

12. Surprises - Tirane is a pretty cool city!

13. Recommendation - Go and check on your own that Albanians are cool

14. What I have learned:
"There are third world countries even in Europe, but most of capitals looks similar: good nighlife scene, fashionable young crowd, international companies"

Macedonia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 1 day

2. Famous of - King of Macedonia

3. Best experiences - Leaving Macedonia

4. Worse experience - Boredom

5. Funny experience - Looks like my imagination of Bulgaria ten years before

6. Bizarre experience - Is Macedonia in Europe?

7. Food - Better to stick with Water

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - ?

10. People - Easy-going, disappointed by government, good people

11. Ohrid

12. Surprises - It's cheap but you don't know why you are there

13. Recommendation - Nothing really special

14. What I have learned:
"Every country is special but if you dont feel good and have limited time it is better to make most of it and go somewhere else"

Bulgaria back to the top
1. Length of stay - 4 days

2. Famous of - Nodding when saying no, Stoickov, New country in EU, danger, muslims, number one summer holidays destination for eastern European Communist in 80 ties

3. Best experiences - Hanging out with Locals and Finish backpackers in Veliko Tarnovo

4. Worse experience - Pub Crawling in Zloty Piaski close to Varna

5. Funny experience - Observing old fashioned locals selling street services as weight check

6. Bizarre experience - Young Bulgarians trying too hard to be very trendy at the fancy club on the beach

7. Food - Better to stick with Pizza, cool yogurt drink based on cucumber

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - CS friends

10. People - confident, closed, good looking

11. Veliko Tarnovo, Varna

12. Surprises - Some clubs on the beach are top notch, with gorgeous looking Bulgarian woman you would never tell you are in Bulgaria

13. Recommendation - It's worth exploring beaches of Bulgaria with your mate, not recommended for single travellers

14. What I have learned:
"You have to be very careful with the comments knowing that what makes you laugh might not be funny in other country"
"Couchsurfing can be a prison if you do not get along with the host"
"There are young people full of dreams in every country, never stop dreming"

Romania back to the top
1. Length of stay - 4 days

2. Famous of - New country in EU, crime, insecurity, Dracula, Karpaty and castles, Romes, Italian language connection

3. Best experiences - Trekking through castles including "Dracula" one, Admiring surprising nice bits of architecture of Bucharest, Spending happy hours with nice French couple in Brasov

4. Worse experience - The biggest diarrhea on my whole trip (could be from Bulgarian food), "Experiencing" a brutal fight between chavs and other passengers in the local bus of Brasov

5. Funny experience - Meeting the craziest hostel owner in the world

6. Bizarre experience - Being disappointed about non-historical existence of Dracula and Nazi bloody character of Vlad

7. Food - As shitty as in the rest of Eastern Europe

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 5 GBP for a hostel

10. People - Educated, charismatic, lively, trouble makers

11. Bucharest, Brasov

12. Surprises - As dangerous country as expected, still too many chavs as for modern Europe

13. Recommendation - If you love trecking, it could be a nice place to go

14. What I have learned:

"Being a traveler means you will count on kindness of others and help from strangers, this makes you feel like part of the planet earth family"
"Your backpack is your home, look after it as much as you can"
"There will be moments of injustice keep calm"
"You will be sick, you will need help, you will survive and get stronger, you will believe in people"

Hungary back to the top
1. Length of stay - 3 days

2. Famous of - Polish friends - dwa bratanki, Goulash, Egri Bikawer, Buda and Pest hot springs, Big lake, Pushkash, historical connection with Austrians

3. Best experiences - Exploring beauty of Buda with sweet Australian girl, Partying with open minded Hungarians on the island,

4. Worse experience - Very temporary and disappointing friendship with other travelers and locals

5. Funny experience - Waiting ages for the Rolling Stones in front of the famous Budapest hotel, BTW. They never popped up:)

6. Bizarre experience - Listening as other young backpackers in hostel playing Matt Harding's famous video clip soundtrack in a doggy hostel

7. Food - Probably good, but had no chance to try anything great

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 5 GBP for a doggy hostel

10. People - Educated, interesting, funny, shy

11. Budapest

12. Surprises - As for a on of the biggest city in the Eastern Europe quite weak nightlife

13. Recommendation - If you like big exploring big European cities it should be on your list at the position between 15-20, nice but don't expect architectural and atmospheric miracles

14. What I have learned?
"There are friendly people everywhere if you know how to approach them"
"There will be times when you feel alone with no friends and people to talk to, you better accept that and keep going"
"There will be romantic moments that last shorter then you expected, enjoy the moment and don´t spoil it by thinking about the future posibilities"

Laos back to the top
1. Length of stay - 10 days

2. Famous of - Easy-going neighbor of Thailand, the most bombarded country in the world, Communism, nice people

3. Best experiences - Riding down the Mekong river on the slow boat while playing cards with other travellers and observing easy going Lao lifestyle, my first New Year's Eve party in a T-shirt shared with both super friendly locals, Meeting Thai and Euro happy backpackers in Luang Prabang, admiring bloody orange dressed Monks playing football and not worrying about anything, awesome tubing and water jumping in Vang Vieng with English mates, partying with the locals in the relaxed capital Vientiane, talking about movie industry with my Canadian travel mate, Appreciating the real beauty and mystery of Wat Phu Champasak, Filling up free happiness from incredible friendly and happy Laotians, giving up Antimalarian pills

4. Worse experience - Got sick - painful sour through

5. Funny experience - Tubing, tubing, tubing with finally fun-loving backpackers

6. Bizarre experiences - Flirting with the 23 years old Lao beauty who never had a boyfriend caused by her demanding father, who was a really nice guy, Meeting twice my "old" Thai friend with other white customer

7. Food - Yummy soups with loads of greens

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 1,5 GBP

10. People - Lovely, exceptionally friendly, kind, helpful, polite, happy

11. Pak Beng, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Pakse, Champasak,

12. Surprises - Finally nice smiley curious backpackers

13. Recommendation - Paradise for outdoor lovers, couples and everybody who is enough of Southern Thailand

Austria back to the top
1. Length of stay - 4 days

2. Famous of - Classic music, Vienna cafe, Alps and skiing, German sprache, Waltz, Hitler

3. Best experiences - Partying with my cousin and random Austrian mates, dating and singing karaoke with Greek/Austrian actress, spending quality time with my uncle and his wife, wandering around stylish Vienna

4. Worse experience - None

5. Funny experience - My uncle's jokes

6. Bizarre experience - Being overwhelmed by the natural friendliness of Austrians

7. Food - My aunt's - Good and tasty

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 4 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - Uncles house

10. People - Funny, fun loving, friendly, stylish, easygoing, open minded

11. Viena

12. Surprises - Austrians seems very open minded and tolerant

13. Recommendation - One of the most stylish European cities, good nightlife and easy going people, go in Summer time

14. What did I learn?
"Family makes you feel like home, never ever forget about who you love and who loves you."
"If you feel like approaching somebody who smiles to you go for it, there will not be the second chance, if not once day you might wish you have made it"

Poland back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - Dudek, John Paul II, Walesa, beautiful woman, hardworking Poles, UK massive emigration

3. Best experiences - Showing best of Sopot and Gdansk to my American friend Kaz, Partying on the Polish weddings in Style, Partying as always with Kowik in Sopot, Spending too much time with my family, discovering a beauty of Gdanks in the evening

4. Worse experience - Got sick from the wind of Sopot and had to stay longer than I wanted

5. Funny experience - Anytime shared with my best mates

6. Bizarre experience - Successfully pretending to be Italian on the pull in Sopot

7. Food - My mom's food; very good but filling and oily

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - Aunt's hug

10. People - Funloving, hardworking, tough, family oriented

11. Gdansk, Sopot

12. Surprises - Sopot without old mates is not the same magical city

13. Recommendation - Number one destination in Eastern Europe, must go in summer time. Visit Gdansk, Sopot, Warsaw, Cracow and make local friends.

14. What did I learn?
"You can always come back where you are from and feel like home"
"Never ever kill curiosity of exploring more, never ever let family to control your destiny, if they love you they support you, they will wait. Just follow your heart and keep following your calling"
"Things are changing, but the family bond gets stronger even if you are away, as soon as you care"
"Planes are not created to wait at the airport"

Lithuania back to the top
1. Length of stay - 2 days

2. Famous of - Basketball Team, Historical and cultural connection with Poland

3. Best experience - Discovering statues of the biggest Polish writers, chatting up with drunken Hens night Lithuenian girls

4. Worse experience - There is nowhere to go out at the midnight

5. Funny experience - None

6. Bizarre experience - Asking myself if Mickiewicz and Slovacki are the biggest Polish or Lithsuenian writers

7. Food - Bad

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 4 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Shy, quite

11. Vilnius

12. Surprises - Old town is dead in the evening, many people understand Polish

13. Recommendation - Nothing special. It's better to see other Polish cities.

14. What have I learned:
"The best way to verify history books is to travel"
"Sometimes the most boring place brings the best ideas for pictures"

Latvia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 2 days

2. Famous of - unknown ex-Russian country

3. Best experience - Walking and drinking around the Riga with lovely Couch Surfing friends, admiring sophisticated and stylish architecture of Riga, partying with Italians, Taking the piss of the kitsch Latvian disco musician on You Tube with other hostel guests, chilling out at the local sunny beach

4. Worse experience - Hostel bed bugs bites on my belly

5. Funny experience - Laughing at the post Soviet statues

6. Bizarre experience - Experiencing local 24 hours food court with ala "Bar Mleczny' in Poland,

7. Food - Pierogi, barszcz and other delicious old school east European food

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 3 GBP for a dorm

10. People - good looking, friendly, fun loving, interested in people

11. Riga

12. Surprise - Shockingly rising Real Estate prices after joining EU

13. Recommendation - Riga is a pretty stylish and easy going city in the middle of nowhere, must go!

14. What have I learned:
"You will experience more magic moments on the road than in the whole life"
"Sometimes it is hard to say what makes one contry friendly and the other unfriendly"

Estonia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 2 days

2. Famous of - e-savvy nation, Skype, Kazaa, Verpakovskiy, Stag Party, Tallinn, the most nonreligious country in Europe

3. Best experience - Partying and bubbling about stock market with Canadian stock broker in Tallinn, Walking around old town in sunny afternoon, discovering Depeche Mode cafe, leaving Tallin:)

4. Worse experience - boredom

5. Funny experience - Having fun with Russian dog Sabaka

6. Bizarre experience - "Sorry no wireless internet inside" a piece of paper on the cafe's window

7. Food - I can't remember

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 4 GBP for a dorm

10. People - introverts, cold, web-savvy

11. Tallinn

12. Surprise - A famous stag nightlife of Tallinn is as poor as you can only imagine

13. Recommendation - Go to Tallinn only if you really have to

14. What have I learnt

"The more technologicaly advanced country to more dificult is to have a random chat"
"Technology helps to connect people who we know and probably makes it more dificult to get in touch in the old school way"

Russia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 7 days

2. Famous of - corruption, mafia, Abramovicz, nuclear power, military, big writers Tolstoy, Pushkin, ballet dancers, Tsar, crazy history, cruel presidents, communism ,cold war, the biggest country in the world, matroshas, Russian jumping dance, James Bond gorgeous and dangerous girlfriends

3. Best experience - Riding, partying, chatting and being lost in time on the Transmangurian train, Meeting and wondering around CS girls from Moscow, taking banja, Travelling on the Moscow subway, Ermitaz as the most beautiful museums in the world, exploring the fantastic city and nightlife with pretty Russian women, eating bliny and traditional Russian food in Lenin bar in ST.P, Partying in St. Petersburg, Trying to speak broken Russian, Admiring one of the most beautiful woman in the world in the Shopping Centre in ST.P

4. Worse experience - almost blacked out while taking Banja

5. Funny experience - Everything makes you laugh if you understand the stupidity of communism system

6. Bizarre experience - Some gey freaks wanted to pull Rudy talking about "Seashells" on our "date" with Russian girls

7. Food - Some food taste ok but it's hard to find a cheap place

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 4 GBP for a dorm

10. People - beautiful, drunk, life loving, deep, smart, honest, love to complain

11. ST.Petersburg, Moscow

12. Surprise - There are as many rich people in Moscow as poor in ST. Petersburg

13. Recommendation - It's great country to visit and change your opinion about unfriendly Russians, must go for curious traveller

14. What have I learnt:

"You need to go and explore the world to find out what is about. Dont ever trust the news"
"The most terrible history personalities can be heroes in other countries, eveyrhing depends on point of view and personal values"
"On the train you learn to live in other reality where night becomes a day and day becomes a night, your best friends are the random passengers"

China back to the top
1. Length of stay - 7 days

2. Famous of - Great wall, population, Mao, medicine, communism, economy, cheap stuff, poor quality, faces, synonym of Asian, terracotta warriors, Olympics, Sport

3. Best experience - Climbing The Great Wall, Food testing in Beijing, Sightseeing Highlights of Beijing accompanied by traditional Chinese music, Chilling with the cheap beer at the Red Lantern Hostel patio, staring at the Red lanterns in the sky, Recognizing the biggest Beijing Scams: Art gallery and Tea house, observing people dancing in pairs on the street of Beijing, Summer Garden

4. Worse experience - Feeling the smell of Beijing as smell of every China town in the world

5. Funny experiences - Bargaining with Hutan at the Silk Market, listening the Knock on the Heavens door in Chinese/G'N'R version, playing around with random people with Chinese laser toy

6. Bizarre experience - my blog is censored in China

7. Food - Some food are delicious, other very average, it takes time to find the good and cheap one.

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 2 GBP for a dorm

10. People - hardworking, talented, non individuals, censored, difficult to understand

11. Beijing, Great Wall

12. Surprise - Chinese seem working 24 hours and also pretending to work

13. Recommendation - It's worth hiking the Great Wall and discovering that China will never be the biggest economy power in the world

14. What have I learned?

"Don´t believe in easy solutions. If somebody approaches you in the crowd and wants to become your friend there is probably a hidden meaning in it"
"Always trust your instinct, even if you feel uncomfortable with the situation, at the end you are the only one who is responsible for your life. Be aware that there are people who take advantage of foreigners, dont let others fool you by playing a psycological game"   

South Korea back to the top
1. Length of stay - 5 days

2. Famous of - Guus Hiddink, World cup 2002 and bizarrely won games against Italy and Spain, Daweo, not being famous

3. Best experience - Meeting friendly Korean-Japanese couple on the boat from China, Tasting Koran food, Nightlife in Seoul, tea ceremony in a temple, Meeting and chatting with funny Koreans, Partying in 22 century in OI bar in Seoul, sea food market in Busan, realising that we are one of few white guys in the whole area, catching eye contact with Korean women, riding on the best bus ever from Seoul to Busan

4. Worse experience - Partying in "White people" party area of Seoul

5. Funny experience - Partying with DJ Spec - the biggest Korean freak in OI Bar

6. Bizarre experience - Heavy night rain in the city with 30 degrees and plenty of colorful well designed umbrellas

7. Food - Everything is yummy, but Korean barbecue is the best in the world

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 8 GBP for a dorm

10. People - friendly, charismatic, energized, cool, fashionable, traditional

11. Seoul, Busan

12. Surprise - There are probably more cafes than in Paris

13. Recommendation - The most underrated country in Asia, good for curious travellers

Japan back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - Japanese geeks, crazy fashion, technology, geisha, samurais, computer games, cars and names as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki to name a few, the coolest language typography in the world, Yatta video clip, one of the richest country in the world, workaholics, fast sightseeing with the camera in a Japanese style

3. Best experience - Arriving in Fukoka, Admiring beauty of Japanese woman and laughing at feminine of Japanese boys, Staring at almost everything and everyone for first few days, Appreciating the chick of every streets, Feeling modern architecture of Fukoka and Osaka, Exploring beautiful temples in Fukoka, Kyoto and Nara, flying on the only real Bullet Train from Fukoka to Kyoto, Partying in Fukoka with Rudy, Mike and bunch of random Japanese girls, having fun at The Robot's show in Fukoka, Eating any type of food, Tracking Tadao Ando lively art with Rudy, Visiting old school computer geeks game shops in Tokyo, Sleeping in the capsule hostel in Tokyo, Crashing in the private Japanese travellers party in Tokyo, Nightlife in Osaka, Playing as kids in Universal Studio in Osaka, Having "allowed" fun in on of the Buddhist temple in Nara, bathing in Japanese style on the ferry from S. Korea

4. Worse experience - Going for a date with gorgeous Japanese girl with her young non-English speaker male friends:)

5. Funny experience - Being chatted up by non English spoken taxi driver about Poland "Dudek, Malys, Warsaw..."

6. Bizarre experience - Even garbage car looks like the brand new one

7. Food - Everything is delicious and stylish, best Sushi in Osaka, best Ramen in Fukoka, best Dambri in Kyoto

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 12 GBP for a dorm

10. People - the most stylish in the world, beautiful, fashion aware, polite, happy, smiling, shy, fun loving, shopaholics, workaholics, perfectionist

11. Fukoka, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo

12. Surprise - It's cheaper then Europe

13. Recommendation - Must go

Macau back to the top
1. Length of stay - half day

2. Famous of - Portuguese architecture, casinos, cool name, Macao game:), bungee jump

3. Best experience - Wondering around the old city, noticing Portuguese influences in dirty and dusty Chinese suburbs, admiring lights of the huge Casinos

4. Worse experience - Dirty streets

5. Funny experience - Admiring Chinese old school small business offices

6. Bizarre experience - Flashy massive casinos in the middle of the very poor and dirty city.

7. Food - too short visit to say anything

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - too short visit to say anything

10. People - too short visit to say anything

11. Macao

12. Surprise - Ex Portuguese colony doesn't make a good impression about Portugal

13. Recommendation - It's very close to Hongkong, but nothing really special

Hongkong back to the top
1. Length of stay - 5 days

2. Famous of - Skyscrapers, Shopping, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Movie industry, Cantonese spicy food, Dimsum, Chunking Express director, British colony

3. Best experience - Riding on top floor of the Doubledecker tram in the middle of the night, Sleeping in the worse hostel in the world on the 13th floor of Mirador Mansion, playing dice and singing karaoke with Rudy and our friendly Hongkong mates, Observing social life on each floor of the dodgy Mirador Mansion, sky train and night panorama over Hongkong, partying in the city drinking on the street with other cool backpackers, taxi ride under the tunnel, skyscraper city panorama, Chinese experience, walking like a movie star in the shopping centre, feeling the heat and sun in the window city, crossing the border with one of the best and easy going customs in Asia

4. Worse experience - None

5. Funny experience - Life in Mirador - The worse hostel in the world appeared as the most lively and sociable one

6. Bizarre experience - Travelling for ages the first day in the dodgy elevator with Rudy, a prostitute and Arabic client.

7. Food - Dimsum highly overrated, food is ok but nothing special comparing to the rest of Asia

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1,5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 6 GBP for a dorm

10. People - Charismatic, Hardworking, Overall friendly and tolerant, Shopping obsesses

11. Hongkong Island, Kowloon

12. Surprise - Jackie Chan as well as Bruce Lee are the biggest celebrities, The Skyline of the city beats NYC

13. Recommendation - Must go for movie lovers, shoppers and urban freaks.

Philippines back to the top
1. Length of stay - 35 days

2. Famous of - diving, English spoken country, islands, wife searchers, famous name of the country:)

3. Best experience - sharing happy times with friendly and truly interested Philippinos, partying in Manila, learning about Sex Tourism from American older mate, diving in Malapascua, learning to dive in Puerto Gallera, floating Bar in Puerto Gallera, beach parties everywhere, Philippino Women, Jeepney ride on top in the mountains, rice terraces in Banaue, exploring a cave and hanging coffins in Sagada, tasting sea food in Boracay, chilling on the Boracay beach while listening to the local musicians, having fun with Mapalasuca's happiest kids in the world, Drag Queen party in Alona Beach, jumping over the Chocolate hills in Bohol, motorbiking like Rock Stars with my American travel buddy in bohol, snorkeling with Pat, Karaoke singing on the boat to Cebu

4. Worse experience - my Ipod shuffle stolen

5. Funny experience - enjoying the company of kids from Malapascua

6. Bizarre experiences - Jeepney almost deadly broke down on the way to Banaue in the mountains, waking up on the bus to find out that the Polish language comes from the movie with Steven Sigal based in Warsaw

7. Food - not bad, some good chicken and squid rice based dishes

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 3 GBP for a double room with the sea view

10. People - fun loving, lovely, joyful, attractive, friendly, happy, emotional

11. Manila, Botok, Banaue, Sagada, Puerto Gallera, Boracay, Malapascua, Bohol

12. Surprise - Sex Tourism is a big thing here, there are few backpackers

13. Recommendation - my favourite country for travelling.

Indonesia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - surfing, Bali, Muslims in Asia, diving, national dance, Tsunami, 4th highest population in the world, mystery, Borobudur

3. Best experience - learning surfing in Bali Kuta Beach, exploring temples in Ubud Bali, trying to catch the plane as a passenger with the rucksack on
the tiny motorbike for 2 hrs through the massive Jakarta city traffic, spending two days with the Javanese family in Blitar, tasting best mangoes in the world and talking to the locals on the train from Jogjakarta to Jakarta, bribing policemen to touch the most active and dangerous volcano around Blitar, riding the horse on top of Bromo Volcano, dating Indonesian women, watching the beach on the terrace of my room with my Indonesian friend while sipping home made drink, watching young girls learning to dance Balinese dance, exploring Borobudur and Prambanan with inspiring and mysterious Indonesians friends Riska and Fritz, jungle tracking forgotten temples surrounded by stroke dogs and school kids, Monkey Forest, learning the quote "It's never too late" from the nightlife of Jogjakarta

4. Worse experiences - stopped surfing lesson caused by the sour through, scams on the surfing board rental

5. Funny experience - playing with the monkeys at the Monkey Forest (Bali)

6. Bizarre experience - Indonesians are almost shameless in terms of asking for money, be prepared

7. Food - good combination of cheap curry choices

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0,4 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 2 GBP for a double room in Bali

10. People - mysterious, poor, players, difficult to trust and understand, shameless, interesting, sexy

11. Bali: Kuta and Ubud, Java: Blitar, Bromo, Jogjakarta, Jakarta

12. Surprise - Bali has two faces: the ugly superficial touristy one - Kuta, and the beautiful one - Ubud

13. Recommendation - a very exciting place to learn new stuff and people, great for surfers, divers and adventurous travellers.

Singapore back to the top
1. Length of stay - 2 days

2. Famous of - finance, Duty Free, food, shopping

3. Best experience - exploring Asian museum with the Korean friend, buying a new Ipod Nano:), tasting spicy Asian fusion food, observing calmed down but serious Singaporeans on the lunch break, admiring religious tolarance

4. Worse experiences - being overpriced in the street restaurant, the first country in Asia where you can't find an eye contact with random people on the street

5. Funny experience - looking at the very serious young workaholics

6. Bizarre experience - Duran inspired architecture building

7. Food - fantastic spicy Asian fusion, anything you try is delicious

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1-2 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 5 GBP for a dorm

10. People - serious, polite, hardworking, helpful

11. Singapore

12. Surprise - It's expensive comparing to the rest of SE Asia, good looking women, Musks, Churches, Temples, Jews Synagogue close to each other, people living in an artificial world

13. Recommendation - It's good place to spend one or two days for tasting great food and bargaining for cheaper electronics.

Malaysia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 6 days

2. Famous of - Diving, Muslims in Asia, shopping, colorful women scarfs on the street, guys with moustaches

3. Best experience - jungle trekking with Spanish friends in Taman Negara, singing Polish, Malaysian, Spanish and English songs at the river bar with international friends, dining at the night market in Johor Bahru, sightseeing Kuala Lumpur with my Canadian mates, admiring Petronas Towers in the night

4. Worse experiences - running away from the Taxi scam in the intersection of KL, Seeing a hand fight between local bus drivers

5. Funny experience - these lady boys are also in most of Malaysian clubs and most of them are very funny:)

6. Bizarre experiences - watching David Lynch's Inland Empire with other backpackers in a hostel and discovering that it's made in Poland with Polish actors and some dialogs are in Polish:), trying to find a hostel in the heaviest rain I've ever seen in the jungle in the middle of the night, jungle sounds at Tamar Negara

7. Food - great curry combinations, pancakes with sweet butter, paprika rice

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0.50-1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 1-2 GBP for a dorm

10. People - quite friendly, a bit too much traditional, men power

11. Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Taman Negara

12. Surprise - it's a real Muslim country in the middle of SE Asia, expensive and tasteless beer, a poor night life

13. Recommendation - it's worth to see the second tallest building in the world and the oldest jungle Taman Negara

Thailand back to the top
1. Length of stay - 34 days

2. Famous of - Bangkok nightlife, an unconditional Thai love to their King (picture everywhere), Lady boys, , prostitutes everywhere, white sand beaches with palms everywhere, zillions of white package tourists, Tsunami, Thai Massage, orange dressed monks, Buddha wrists bracelets, Full Moon Party, Thai Boxing

3. Best experience - Partying in Bangkok/Chang Mai/Koh Pha Ngan, sightseeing Bangkok temples, Bangkok Tuk-Tuk ride, riding on top of the Elephant in the Mongrove Forest, sea kayaking in Krabi, snoorkling with the black tip sharks at Ko Phi Phi, listening to the stories from the prostitutes while drinking strong Thai beer Leo and watching life musicians perfectly playing american covers, meditating on the bus while watching cool Thai boxing movie with no subtitles, sitting under the palm three metres from the sea and sharing with you my experience, eating anything from the street stalls, partying in Ko Phan Nang, watching and betting with random Americans at the real Thai Boxing contest in the first row with Rudy, Full Moon Party at Koh Pha Ngan, Sharing happy inspirational times with Chroatians dudes - Marin and Igor, Exploring day and nightlife of Chang Mai, partying like a rockstars on the border with Laos with my English mate Tim

4. Worse experience - Dropping and killing my camera into the water at Ko Phi Phi island (the Beach island), Fat mostly ugly bold and poorely tatooed 50 something Euro sextourist hanging out with the young pretty (really you can't tell the differnence) Thai girls in Pattaya, Bad treatment for the Poles at the Airport (problems with visa - they treat us as the worse europeans)

5. Funny experience - discovering that the cutest lady in the bar is the boy, backpackers with the serious faces mostly Scandynavians and Israelians, Shocking Ping-Pong show and Happy Birthday trick

6. Bizarre experience - some Thai think that Buddha appreciates prostitutes, the whiter your skin the more attractive you are (it works most for the Asian culture), Thai Bands can play better music than many English ones, there are some decent unknown Thai movies

7. Food - One of the best in the world - Green, Red Curry Stuff, Thai soups, Black Pepper Chicken, Fresh fruit shakes, just anything you order

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 30 Bat (50p)

9. The cheapest accommodation - 100 Batt (1,5 GPB) at Koh Pha Ngan 50 double room 50m from the beach

10. People - fit, skinny, fun loving, a bit reserved

11. Bangkok, Attayana, Krabi, Ko Phi Phil (Island), Ao Nang, Pattaya, Ko Phang Nang, Chang Mai, Chiang Kong

12. Surprise - It's hard to spot the difference between a normal girl and a pros, Thailand is the most touristy country in Asia so far

13. Recommendation - Must see for everyone! just to be aware of Thai food quality and damn lady boys:) If you are a demanding independent traveller go north and avoid South

Cambodia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 18 days

2. Famous of - War, Angkor Wat, Khmer Rouge

3. Best experiences - Exploring an undisputable beauty of Angkor temples, Treacking unique sweet water blue dolphins, Enjoing great evening in Kratie with other travellers, Crossing the border with Laos, Hard Partying in Siem Riep, Phnom Pehn and Sihoukonville, Tasting Fresh fruit and seafood everyday at the beach of Sihoukinville, Meeting wonderful Khmer locals at the beach, Chilling out at the Phnom Pehn, Taking the dodgy boat trip from Siem Riep to Batanbang, Chilling at the wicked lake district in Phnon Pehn, having my first sunny and warm bday on the beach, Meeting interesting backpackers everywhere, Watching movies at the private Cinema on S.

4. Worse experience - Realising Cambodian poverty, amount of Prostitutes in touristy areas, hungry children

5. Funny experience - Crashing to the Khmer wedding

6. Bizarre experience - Trying to understand the stupidity of Khmer Rouge in U-20 and Killing fields

7. Food - Some great food, especially fresh seafood and fruits

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - FREE! on the beach

10. People - Brave, tolerant, overwhelmed by the history, vulnerable

11. Battanbang, Phnom Peng, Sihakouville, Kratie, Siem Riep

12. Surprises - How can the same nation build such as beautiful temples and few hundred years later kill it's brothers in the name of stupid ideology

13. Recommendation - Must go, no excuse!

Vietnam back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - American war, funny triangle hats, jungle, communism, agressive people

3. Best experiences - Exploring beauty of Saigon, partying like a rockstar in Saigon, spending a day and listening fascinating stories with half Vietnamise half American ex-officer of the Vietnam war, shoting from Rambo machine gun and exploring traps of Ku Chi Tunnels, learning to surf the kite in Mui Ne, Spending fab time with Dutch, American and English backpackers in Mui Ne, Partying in Tet in Nha Trang, Exploring charm and style of Hoi An, Biking around Hue and exploring magic of Vietnamese culture, spending 2 days in awe inspiring Halong Bay, wandering around backstreets of Hanoi, spending last Valantine Day in SE Asia in superb French and Swedish company

4. Worse experience - Got robbed at hotel room from mobile phone and dvd player

5. Funny experience - Playing celebrity game in Mui Ne

6. Bizarre experience - Walking around the Hoi An and listening cheesy but beautifull Vietnamise pop

7. Food - Vietnamese style soups are famous around the world

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 5 GBP for a single room

10. People - Proud, funny, friendly, helpful, family oriented

11. Saigon, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Halong Bay, Hanoi

12. Surprises - The food is not as great, accommodation is not as cheap, people are not agressive as mentioned in LP and from other backpackers

13. Recommendation - A very interesting magic country, must go!

India back to the top
1. Length of stay - 90 days

2. Famous of - gurus, cheap traveling, food, Goa parties, Hindu religion, mess and craziness, temples

3. Best experiences - Talking about life, culture and religion with the first wonderful Hindu strangers on the bus from the airport in Chennai to Mamallapuran, Experiencing colorful mind blowing festivals in Mamallapuran, Gokarna and Anjuna, Tracking hundreds of Crocodiles at the infamouse farm in Mamallapuran, Getting crazy with the camera and discovering how easy is to encourage Hinus to pose, Learnign about true happines and joy from most of the encountered wonderfull kids, Discovering historical architectural colonial influences in Pondichery (French), Goa (Portugeese), Mumbai (English), Being inspired by magic of the religious ceremonies just at any corner in India, Admiring absolutely incredible Sari fashion show, Discovering incredible frendliness and positive vibes from most of Hindu man, Realising that monekys, cows, birds, dogs, bats, cats and people can live at the same street in decent charmony, beautyful caves of Ajanta and Ellora, picturing superb temples of Mamallapuran, Hampi, Halibud and Belur, being blowed by the Mysore night illuminated castle and dark misterious Madurai pyramid shape temple, Taking part in unpretensional jam session at Goa, hanging out with great travellers, chilling out the the house parties in Arambol, Swimming everyday at the Arabic see, Playing footie with the happy locals, Getting everywhere on the moped dressed only in shorts, Killing time by learning to play and sing some old school guitar hits, Performing on the stage in Arambol, Admiring the taste with Goan's and vErkalas' see food: Marlins, Tunas and prawns, Being amazed about the almost the same bank statement after 2 months of travelling, Conquering Bollywod from inside at the the movie Karzzz, admiring incredible beauty of Bollywood women with the camera, bying Acoustic guitar, experiencing the wonderful thunderstorm at the Pallolem Goa beach, visiting freaky bad spirit temple and seeing life exorcisms, Expeiencing the best Great Saturday day at the holly festival in Anjuna, Adding meditation and swimming to the dayly pleasures, learning about the mind control through various spiritual books, admiring gorgous Water Palace in Uduipor, learning live about Gem scam in Jaipur, discovering beauty of Udaipor, Learning about Buddish and Yoga in Dharamsala, Trying not to jump into the cow poo in Varanasi

4. Worse experience - ripping off the tourist at Central India

5. Funny experience - Being a Bollywood star

6. Bizarre experience - Mental hospital in a temple

7. Food - most of people love it, for me it looks different but taste the same

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 1 GBP for a single room on the beach

10. People - Funny, hardworking, family oriented, friendly, business gifted

11. From South Kanjakumari up to North to Dharamsala

12. Surprises - People are absolutely friendly, everything is shut down at 11pm

13. Recommendation - Must go!

Nepal back to the top
1. Length of stay - 20 days

2. Famous of - Himalayas, Buddhism, friendly people, backpacker scene

3. Best experiences - Trekking Mount Everest Base Camp

4. Worse experience - Robbed in Kathmandu

5. Funny experience - Sex or Dead of my roommates at 5500m above

6. Bizarre experience - Talking to the Sherpas on the road to EBC

7. Food - taste so so and diorrea guaranteed

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 0.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 1 GBP for a single room at the tea house

10. People - Friendly, polite

11. Kathmandu, Everest Base Camp trekking from Lukla to Kala Pattar

USA back to the top
1. Length of stay - 60 days

2. Famous of - Presidents, wars, popculture, hollywood, mcdonalds, coca-cola, levis, music

3. Best experiences - Walking around Manhattan, hanging out with Poles in Brooklyn and East Village, Couchsurfing in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seatle, going for a rad trip with Kai (China) and Jona (Belgien), partying with Native Americans in Vegas, having home made burgers in Yellowstone, sightseeing all mindblowing National Parks: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Dead Valley, Dead Woods, Arches, Niagara Falls, Drive-in theater, rodeo show, all the street musicians and artist, Venice beach, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Talking to freindly lesbians at Seatle, Seatle museum of Rock, staring at the window of the car and seeing how the world is changing outside

4. Worse experience - thousands of lonely depresed people running through Manhattan

5. Funny experience - bunch of wasted american women trying fighting for respect at 3 o'clock in the morning in a doggy bar in Brooklyn

6. Bizarre experience - trying to find compromises for 3 weeks on the road with a intelligent communist from China

7. Food - some Steaks not bad, some Asian taste like Asian, stay away from Mexican

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - Couchsurfing for free

10. People - Trustful, interesting, funny, hardworking, diversed, strong

11. NYC, Niagara Falls, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, LA, Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Monument Valley, Dead Valley, Grand Canyon, Cody, Yellowstone, Santa Monica, Denver

Panama back to the top
1. Length of stay - 10 days

2. Famous of - Cool name, Panama canal

3. Best experiences - Hanging out, meditating and beach bumming on Bocas del Torros with Celine, Reading The Game, meeting first friendly Costaricans, Chilling at the best islands in the world - San Blas Islands, taking a boat trip to Cartagena

4. Worse experience - Not being able to find a companion for clubbing in Panama city

5. Funny experience - Laughing and joking around with backpackers

6. Bizarre experience - Feeling like in David Lynch movie at the Caribbean live free gig at the National Theatre

7. Food - just chicken with rise

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 6 GBP for a double room in Bocas del Torro

10. People - Good looking, interesting, not easy to know closer

11. Bocas del Torro (Both islands), Panama city, Panama Canal, San Blas Islands

Costarica back to the top
1. Length of stay - 10 days

2. Famous of - Natural Parks, Canopy tours

3. Best experiences - Doing Extreme Canopy tour in Monte Verde followed by the Tarzan (bungee style) jump, Playing Janiv (Israeli card game) with Adrian, partying in San Jose

4. Worse experience - Camera stolen, laptop broken

5. Funny experience - Trying to find out who is not a prostitute in Jaco

6. Bizarre experience - Trekking with laid back Israeli dude (Jesus) and posh London girl in the cloud forest at Monte Verde

7. Food - just chicken with rise

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2.5 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 6 GBP for a dorm in Miguel Antono

10. People - Reserved, hard to know, seems like they don't like tourists

11. San Jose, Monteverde, Jaco, Puerto Viejo, Manuel Antono

Nicaragua back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - Guns, scary country

3. Best experiences - Partying with locals everyday in Leon, catching waves in San Juan de Sur, Exploring beauty of Granada with Dimitri, Chilling out in great hostels in Leon, taking a night ride around the town Leon, Volcano boarding around Leon, Taking a canopy tour around Granada with bunch of backpackers, stealing positive energy from Wayne

4. Worse experience - Being forced to pay for drinks for one more person

5. Funny experience - Drinking local rum and watching Vincente Fernandez while chatting to super friendly Nicas at Anna's house

6. Bizarre experience - Having a fight with the hostel manager and turning it into the friendship

7. Food - just chicken with rise

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1 GBP

9. The cheapest accommodation - 3 GBP for a dorm in Leon

10. People - Fantastic, sexy, approachable, funny

11. Granada, Leon, San Juan de Sur, a crater lake near Leon

Honduras back to the top
1. Length of stay - 8 days

2. Famous of - Diving, football war

3. Best experiences - Hanging out with Julia in La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa, Diving in Utila

4. Worse experience - Being offered paid sex by a pregnant prostitute, diving in a garabage in Bay islands

5. Funny experience - Hanging out with backpackers Swizz and Israeli dude

6. Bizarre experience - Spending a night with the ugliest hostel ever in Tegucigalpa , full of cockroaches and other insects, watching 5 dead Whales in Utila

7. Food - just chicken with rise

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2GBP for a dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 10GBP for a double room in capital

10. People - Beautiful, a bit arrogant, reserved

11. La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa, Utila

El Salvador back to the top
1. Length of stay - 6 days

2. Famous of - Football war, guns, wars, movie, dangerous spot

3. Best experiences - Surfing with Jono at La Libertad, partying with guys wildly at San Salvador, exploring beauty of colonial town Suchitoto, getting to know Christian surfers

4. Worse experience - Leaving San Salvador

5. Funny experience - Finding out that the only people in the hostel in San Salvador are guys and doing what guys doing watching a football, drinking, swearing, sharking

6. Bizarre experience - Watching the most exciting football game ever Salvador-Suriname, dressed in a Salvador fan's flag

7. Food - just chicken with rise

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3GBP for a dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 7GBP for a dorm in capital

10. People - Beautiful, sexy, friendly, approachable, interesting

11. La Libertad, San Salvador, Suchitoto

Guatemala back to the top
1. Length of stay - 30 days

2. Famous of - Tical, Spanish schools, Mayas

3. Best experiences - Learning Spanish in Xela in Escuela Utatlan, Trekking most active volcano ever - Pacaya, Admiring Tical at the Sunrise, Partying wild in Xela, Panachachel and Monte Rico, Chilling out at the Lake Atitlan, Turtle and beach football watching at Monte Rico, Admiring architecture of Antigua, Practicing Spanish all days long, Hanging out with locals and students of Language School Utatlan in Xela, playing football with Guates, staying and sharing quality time with the Guate family Bilma, Jorge and their children, learning Spanish from Claudia, getting into Hot Spring around Xela,

4. Worse experience - Getting to San Pedro to realise that it's full of drug dealers and huge groups of isolated Israelis

5. Funny experience - Learning seducing and swearing Spanish from my Salsa and Spanish teacher Louis ,taking the old school Roller caster with Benito in La Feria

6. Bizarre experience - learning about funky San Simon, Being the only foreigner surrounded by 400 Guatemalans at the beach party in Monte Rico

7. Food - best home food ever thanks to Bilma

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1GBP for a dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 3GBP for a room in Xela

10. People - Intelligent, funny, open minded, kind

11. Xela, Antigua, Pataya, San Pedro, San Marco, Panachachel, Monte Rico, Tical, La Feria

Mexico back to the top
1. Length of stay - 30 days

2. Famous of - Aztecs, Tequila, Mariachi

3. Best experiences - Couchsurfing in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, partying wild with locals and backpackers in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, San Cristobal, Merida, snorkeling in Playa del Carmen, great Mexican food tasting, learning salsa in Merida, exploring beauty and sea side lifestyle of Playa del Carmen with party loving locals, watching the most impressive waterfall on the river boat close to San Cristobal, hanging out with Henry, Chilling out in Mazunte, surfing in Puerto Escondido, Meeting super friendly Mexicans, learning first Spanish words, exploring Mayan world in Chichenitza and Palenque, Snorkeling in Cenotes near Tulum,

4. Worse experience - Leaving Mexico, spending too much time with backpackers in Oxaca

5. Funny experience - All Mexico is one big fun and laugh

6. Bizarre experience - Learing that one of my favourite movies Desperado and Y tu madre tam bien are not highly rated movies in Mexico

7. Food - Fantastic street food, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 1GBP for a dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 5GBP for a dorm in Puerto Escondido

10. People - Party loving, funny, sexy, happy, with good sense of humour, intelligent

11. Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, Merida, Chichenitza, Palenque, Mazunte, Puerto Escondido, San Cristobal

Colombia (Dec 2008 - Jan2009) back to the top
Now I am living in Colombia as for 2012, still love it but the highlights ranking have changed .
1. Length of stay - 60 days

2. Famous of - Salsa, Cocaine, Plastic surgery, friendly people

3. Best experiences - Great Couchsurfing in Cartagena, Medellin and Cali, partying from monday to Sunday every day in Cali, Feria de Cali and Salsodromo, Trekking Park Nacional Tayrona, Hanging out in Cartagena with Heidy, Meeting Mick in Cali, Chuanchito, Carolina, Spenign some quality time with Jaquiline and Camilo in medellin, Santa Fe and Piedra Punol, Crazy house party with Diana in Medellin, Drinking best coffee in the world in colorful Salento, Admiring most beautful woman in the world in El Poblado de Medellin, Learing salsa Calena, Wondering around cloudy Bogota and taking a cable car on the top, Taking the old school platform train and tubing with CSurfers in San Cipriano, tasting the best beef in the world in the Argentinian restaurant in Cali, getting excited about the light street show in Medellin, Trying Ashayaska in Leticia, Trekking the jungle, meeting Colombians, Watching final cup won my America de Cali and followed by the craziest street party

4. Worse experience - Being drugged with escapolamina in Cali

5. Funny experience - Everyday laugh with Colombians, Pietro on the night date in Bogota, theft robbery, Mazzamora

6. Bizarre experience - Crazy party with Diana in Medellin

7. Food - Beans, rice, platanos and some simple meet, Sancocho, comida corriente,

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2GBP for a set dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 7GBP for a room in Cartagena

10. People - Party loving, funny, sexy, happy, with great sense of humour, intelligent, warm, welcoming

11. Cartagena, Tayrona, Tabatinga, Medellin, Bogota, Santa Fe, Perreira, Salento, Piedra de punol, San Cipriano, Cali

Brasil back to the top
1. Length of stay - 60 days

2. Famous of - Samba, Beaches, Carnival

3. Best experiences - Boat trip on the Amazon River from Tabatinga to Manaus, Magic Jeriguagara - Playas, Brasileiros, Football, Surfing, Sand dunes, Chilenian sister Manu y Pollo, Capoeira shows, Party in Fortaleza in Mango, Learing Portuguese, Olinda street party, Crazy carnival in Bahia and Rio, All about the best city in the world - Rio de Janeiro, Playas en Pipa, Samba en Lapa with Pietro and Mick, Footbal in Ipanema, Natural waterpark in Parate, Trekking Isla Grande, Iguazu, Hanging out with the Polish dudes in Fiorenapolis, Tasting food for weight, Fruit juices and Acai, Listening to the Brasilian music, Hangin out with Mauro and Ivan in Bahia, Learing about kissing techniques from Brasilians, Bosanova with couchsurfers in Rio, Hanging out with Maciek in Sao Paulo, Phone mistery, favela tour in Rio, Maracana, Pao de Acucar and Christo Redemptor, Iguazu Falls

4. Worse experience - Being scared by the Sao paulo gangsters, High prostitution level

5. Funny experience - Pietro and his dates, Presente in Fortaleza

6. Bizarre experience - Flying phone in Sao Paulo

7. Food - Acai and fruit juices, salad bars for weight

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2GBP for a set dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 15GBP for a room in Jeriguagara

10. People - Party loving, sexy, temporary, superficial, easy-going

11. Tabatinga, Manaus, Fortaleza, Pipa, Jeriguaguara, Olinda, Recife, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Parate, Isla Grande, Fiorenapolis, Salvador de Bahia, Iguazu Falls

Urugway back to the top
1. Length of stay - 10 days

2. Famous of - Beef, Punta de Este, Recoba

3. Best experiences - Hanging out with Diego and his bohema mates in Montevideo, staying with Diego family, drinking mate with Argentinians and Brasilians in Punta de Este, beef tasting, talking to the gypsy artist who has 5000 friends on FB on the boat to Argentina

4. Worse experience - Wondering around cold, empty and cloudy Colonia

5. Funny experience - Looking the plaza de Diferencia, finding out that Diego friend can sing old polish song of Czerwono Czarni

6. Bizarre experience - Flirting with half Brasilian half Urugwayan hottie

7. Food - Great beef, cheap street food

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 3GBP for french frise and beef

9. The cheapest accommodation - Stayed with the family for free

10. People - Intelligent, arty, easy-going

11. Montevideo, Punta de Este, Colonia de Sacramento

Chile back to the top
1. Length of stay - 14 days

2. Famous of - One of the thinest and longest country, Torres del Paine, german roots

3. Best experiences - Drinking teremoto in La Piejera in Santiago, Visiting hot spring at night with Chilenian family in Pucon, Hanging out with Joanna in Santiago, Valparaiso, Valdivia and Pucon, Admiring charm of arty Valparaiso, Beer tasting in cerveseria in Valdivia, Biking in Pucon, testing the best seafood followed by the cheap excelent wine, crazy nights in Torres del Paine town,

4. Worse experience - Wasting time in cold Chiloe

5. Funny experience - Being the superstar in la Piejera in Santiago

6. Bizarre experience - Cafe con piernas, cofe with the legs

7. Food - Paeila de Mariscos, wine, Teremoto

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 2GBP for a set dinner

9. The cheapest accommodation - 10GBP for a double room in Pucon

10. People - Funny, interesting, fast speakers

11. Pucon, Santiago de Chile, Torres del Paine, Chiloe, Valdivia, Valparaiso

Argentina back to the top
1. Length of stay - 50 days

2. Famous of - Wine, Beef and Tango

3. Best experiences - Beef tasting in La Cartera in Palermo, snow trekking in Terra del Fuego, Hanging out with random people, staying with the couchsurfers, La Bomba, meeting up with my Irish friends, discovering Mauro amazing apartament, partying with the Colombians, tasting Polish food with the Venezualan friend, spending good time and tasting amazing homemade food with Marcela in Mar del Plata, Trekking El Chalten with Aussie friend, Ice trekkign in the Puerto Moreno glazier, Tango watching and dancing, Boca juniors football, Playing footie with the Argentinians, Iguazu Falls

4. Worse experience - lost my debit card

5. Funny experience - pretending tango masters

6. Bizarre experience - being at the end of the planet earth,

7. Food - Steaks and wine, tarta

8. The cheapest good quality dinner - 4GBP for the best steak in the world

9. The cheapest accommodation - Couchsurfing for free

10. People - Bold, charming, intelligent, european

11. Ushuaya, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Bareloche, El Chalten, El Bolson, El Calafate, Iguazu Falls

12. V Things you cannot miss:

I. Learning or watching Tango show
II. Tasting Beef and wine
III. El Calafate
IV. Buenos Aires late nightlife
V. Iguazu Falls

Bolivia back to the top
1. Length of stay - 50 days

2. Famous of - Cholitas, Salar de Uyuni, Ticicaca, Altitude

3. Best experiences - Playing a Bolivian cowboy (Gaucho) on the horse in the canyons around Tupisa, Awesome inspiring visualy, spiritualy and intelectualy trip around Salar Uyuni with 2 Israelis and 2 French Canadians, Apreciating one of the hardest jobs in Mines de Potosi, 3 weeks of the great time in Sucre with great people Poles, Kiwi, Brasilian and French: parties, movie making, hanging out, Everyday fresh fruit juices and salad for peso, Swiming with Aligators`, Dolphins and Piranas in Pampas, Listening sounds of the jungle in Maididi, Hanging out with Ale and her family in Pampas and Lapaz, Witch Market in Lapaz, Street parties in Lapaz and Coroico, Dead Road Race as a massive adrenaline rush, Magic Spiritual heaven in Isla de Sol

4. Worse experience - trying to survive one of the worse hangovers in my life after mixed Bolivian alcohol night at the hight 4000 above the sea level

5. Funny experience - movie making in Sucre dressed in indigenes clothes

6. Bizarre experience - feeling heaven in Isla de Sol

7. Food - Fresh juices and fruit, Fricase

10. People - Friendly when approached, shy, tradicional with strong family values

11. Potosi, Salar de Uyuni, Tupisa, Sucre, Rurrenabace, Park National Maididi, Pampas, Isla de Sol, La Paz, Copacabana, Coroico

12. V Things you cannot miss:

I. Salar de Uyuni
II. Magic Isla de Sol
III. Pampas and Jungle around Rurrenabake
IV. The Dead Road Race on the bike from La Paz to Coroico
V. Hanging out with locals and travelers in easy-going Sucre and spooky La Paz

+ many more

Peru back to the top
1. Length of stay - 50 days

2. Famous of - El Condor Pasa song, Nazka Lines, Ceviche, Cusco, Andes, Machu Picchu, Incas

3. Best experiences - Having fun on the lago Ticicaca with the colorful and happy crowd or local indigenous people, Admiring the best food in the S.America including Ceviche, Any type od delicious seadood, Ricoto. english breakfast=) and basicaly anything you taste is delicious, Colca Canyon trekking at the sunset, nightlife in Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, Lima and Mancora, watching Condors in action, Machu Piccu and other mindblowing Inca Ruins around Cusco, Nazca Lines, Sandbording around Ica, Chilling in Mancora, Being inspired by 4 hour week work, hanging out with locals and stangers

4. Worse experience - Arequipa taxi robbery

5. Funny experience - Hanging out with locals but cannot remember anything specific

6. Bizarre experience - Nazca Lines where the hell they from?

7. Food - All great for seafood lovers - Ceviche

10. People - Love fun, party and drinking, alegre

11. Puno, Cusco, Arequipa, Lima, Mancora, Trujillo, Ica, Nazca

12. V Things you cannot miss:

I. Food
II. Machu Pichcu and other Inca Ruins followed by trek in the Andas
III. Party
IV. Nazca Lines
V. Colca Canyon trek

Ecuador back to the top
1. Length of stay - 40 days

2. Famous of - Galapagos, Ecuator, Quito party, diversion

3. Best experiences - Spending wonderful time with the family in Cuenca, Partying like crazy in Montanita, Whale watching in Puerto Lopez, Chilling in Bahiam Playing the best beach football with the locals in Cuenca, Seafood on the Ruta de sol, Kicking back in Banos while hot springs bathing, biking in waterfalls and dancing salsa, admiring the most latin american beach town in Atacames, Downhill the Cotopaxi area, Quito nightlife, learing few new turns in Salsa in Quito, hanging out with the Poles in Quito, Checking out Ecuator in Mitad del Mundo, Canopy tour in Mindo, Nights in Quito

Taking a bath in the hot springs while starring at the grand waterfall

4. Worse experience - Bad dejavoo with girls from Guayaquil in Montanita

5. Funny experience - Trekking Cotopaxi with super funny Argentinian, Duch and Ecuadorian

6. Bizarre experience - Meeting an American mate in Puerto Lopez I was sharing a hostel in Medellin 10 month before and finding you we have lots in common

7. Food - Great for seafood lovers - Ceviche

10. People - Friendly, party loving

11. Cuenca, Montanita, Bahia de Caracaz, Canoa, Atacames, Banos, Quito, Puerto Lopez, Puyo, Mindo, Otavalo, Ibarra

12. V Things you cannot miss:

I. Banos
II. Party in Montanita, Quito and Atacames
III. Ruta del Sol
IV. Ceviche and all Ecuadorian See Food
V. Whale watching in Puerto Lopez


  1. hai, i'm zener from indonesia

    i like your comment about my country. i hope, you will come to indonesia again. btw if you come to indonesia, i think you must live more longer in java. because in java have a lot of interest place (sometimes not familiar from tourist because less publication), and history. and i still explore that.

    btw i'm sorry if my english bad or have wrong word.


  2. Some of your coments about a lot of countries are mean...
    you simply can't tell shit about a some countries if you just visited one or 2 cityes there.
    I think is that you are ignorant,
    and i can find more things about a countrie from wiki than from your first hand journey.
    Anyway,take care,btw eastern food is good,is just not like yours.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Too shallow understanding of a country is not the best to say about you, on the first place. On the second - don't you feel bad about creating a negative impression about a whole country based only on a short and definitely not representative impressions of the real situation?

  5. That's right. These are only my opinions. I am not going rigidly stick to it. Since I am not a popular or influential enough as a traveler around the world I don't feel as I am creating any positive or negative opinion about country xyz. I only wanted to summarize my experience in few words. Please don't take it personal. Take it as a game. Personally I think all people should learn from British how not to treat yourself too serious. Laugh, that's the only solution.


  6. Thanks for making this site. Totally understand this is your experience. I enjoy reading what you have learned from your travels. I am looking to do some traveling to Asia and wanted someones personal opinion. Thanks for sharing.
    Jim (USA)

  7. Great post! Found another site which I must admit has come in handy: TravelMonks

    They have a pretty good dynamic map of a lot of places and things, like this one on nightlife or this one on wireless internet places.

  8. You have gone to a lot of places. Thanks for the heads-up about these different places.

  9. You have a lots of best place you go.. One of them is boracay, so how is your vacation, is it great???

    Tanya Gemarin

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    last year my lots of friend go in bohol too, and they have lost of beautiful place there.

    - alfie

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