Panama, Panama city, Fixing and getting ready...

..for the Columbian experience. Last fixes. I am waiting for my laptop to be repaired, reading books, playing guitars. I don't even want to socialise. My recent social life was so rich that I really need a break, meditate, play guitar, read books. I am kind of preparing myself mentality for a new adventure.

Panama city is a big surprise. Sometimes it feels like a combination of latin city and Lisbon. Cool, smoky streets, pretty tall colorful colonial architecture, all surrounded by the Ocean. Busy shopping malls, friendly taxi drivers. It feels like a place to stay for longer. Good spot for last shopping, and replacing old stuff.

Yday I have seen a free gig in the old National Teatre. Some Carribean rythms mixed with salsa and marengue. I felt like in David Lynch movie. Stage in red and purple, beautyfull young and old people, all types of perfums in the air. Super elegant clothes. White hats, spontanious applaus. Latin people as a group have something I am envy. A sense of fun and spontanious joy of life. I don't have a photo but you have your imagination. I left uplifted and hope you are the same.

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  1. fajnie, ze opisales ten koncert. czasem opis wystarczy, jest rownie mocny jak zdjecie. :-)

    paulina (od k.)


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