Guatemala, Latin Culture - Latinos vs Extranheros (whites)


When Latinos dance they dance for real and they don't fake it. For Latinos dancing individually doesn't exist. It always goes with a partner. They don't jump arythmicaly with empty drunken eyes to the depressing sounds from Europe, US or Australia holding a bottle of beer or soda drink in other hand. Latinos don't need alcohol, drugs, special attention, hens party to feel the party vibe. They know how to enjoy dancing, they know how to use it as a opportunity to have fun and know each other better. I realized that panicaly I am afraid of white people's party - predictable, boring, lonely, where the main goal is to get totally drunk or not drink at all, aughhh. In Central America I always hope to find myself at the local party or at least at the one with the good proportion of Latinos. I know that I am also a white but I can't denied that I love being part af Latin culture, especially at night. One don't have to be Einstain to spot the difference. Thanks God London has got some Latin clubs, there is another reason to come back.

Being as Zelig

As most of Poles I don't know much about my roots, but for sure more time I spend amoung local people the more I soak in the culture. In Sopot I aquired Poland seaside vibe with that specific awesome ironic sense of humor, in NYC I became NYCitizen, which helped me professionally in a future, in London I drunk every night with mates watching football and socializing strongly but other day rarely remembering who I was talking to and vice versa, in Eastern Europe I became part of this "poorer" and deeper European culture talking for ages about differences in Europe and destroying influence of communism and other winkers as Chegevara and Mao, in Filipines I became easy-going islander living day by day from island to island, in Asia I became spiritual catobuddisth, in US outsider complain about this lonely, soulless and destroying capitalism, and finally in Latin America I'm becoming a Latino, haha. As my Mexican friend from capital call me Polo-Latino. I would not be surprised if In Africa my skin became black. If you find this paragraph funny, watch Woodie Allen movie called "Zelig".

Boring white girls

There is a huge difference between white traveling girls (West Europe, US, Canada, Australia NZ, Israel, any ideas?) in Guatemala and local Latinas. White girls never look at you, rarely smiles and it takes minutes and lots of spirit to make them laugh. If they do it means that they have met you before at Spanish school, and they are suprisingly happy, or they think you are somebody else. Latin girls almost always look at you, easily respond to your "How are you? " with big smile and little promise. No matter how missy they look like, and no matter how anonymous you are in town. At worse they tell you that they have a bf and can't really meet you for a cafe. They laugh easily anytime a day to any of your small jokes you tried put together in your simple broken Spanish. They almost never refuse to dance. What a bless. As opposite to Euro girls Latinos know how to dance, know how to move, know how to seduce. When you dance with Euro girl (if you lucky) it is like dancing with manikin or robot without any human being spark. No offence to my nicely selected friends and they loved ones, my exs and so on. I am just talking about my experience in Mexico and Guatemala. I really wonder who wants those boring white travelling girls. Phenomenon. Anybody can explain me?

Yaya, there are different people, different oppinions, other tastes. At least I'm having a few minutes to share with you my thoughts.


  1. it's plain simple, according to one scientist-practictioner, "90 % kobiet w Polsce to klody lub wierzgajace klacze i tak zle i tak nie dobrze". what else can I say, mate?
    stay away from white travelling girls, enjoy your trip around the world and never make the mistake of coming back too early ;)

  2. No moze troszke przesadziles;) Nie chce sie nikomu podlizywac, ale "nasze" kobiety wraz z kolezankami ze wschodniej granicy sa naprawde niczego sobie na tle drewnianej zachodnio-polnocnej europy. Czasem trawa jest bardziej zielona w ogrodku sasiada:) Raczej mialem na mysli, panny z tzw europy bogatej:)


  3. cale czszescie, ze w Polsce mezczyzni rekompensuja wszystkie ulomnosci kobiet...ta fantazja, szalenstwo, spontanicznosc. Dobrze, ze damska czesc naszego kraju nie musi odbywac takich podrozy w poszukiwaniu tych IDEALOW.


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