USA, New York City, Culture shock

Welcome again from NY. Things are changing. Every day brings good and bad, fun and loneliness, surprise and boredom, black and white. This city is hard to define. I need to find some time and write about all my weird experience. It will not be easy. Good news, I bought a Canon SLR. I found out that traveling without proper camera is not anymore the same. I found a good deal, this time with the very basic lens but it does the job. So enjoy again. My blog is not over:)

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  1. hey fil,
    good to see you are alive and well and in NYC. excellent blog site - computer is slow so will wait until we get ti nice to check it out properly. we are in udaipur at the moment.
    lost heaps of photos - stupid camera, but my email may explain better.
    take care mate - steve and madi


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