India, Mcleod Ganj, Greetings from India

Why I write

Namaste:) Warm greetings from India. I hope you are all doing great. As I signed up for 10 days course "The introduction for Buddhism" I'll be offline for the next 10 days up to the 15Th of May. I'll finally detoxify from Internet, blog, photography, music, guitar, backpackers, meat, beer and the whole outside world. Don't worry. It doesn't mean I freaked out, want to be a Buddhist or I have just lost my belief in Christianity. It's actually quite the contrary. My belief is stronger than ever but not anymore as rigid as before. I just need to know how far the Buddhism is from what I believe or how close. I also want to develop my life skills before leaving India.

Essence of Yoga, meditation, and mind control

I realised that meditation, yoga assanas, mind control and visualisations are essential for our well being. These techniques enable us to grow quicker, to achieve our goals faster and enjoy our life more. Travelling in India opened my mind to the some bits of life I was partly aware of but never admitted to. The strongest and most powerful experience I've had were the spiritual ones - the ones that affect your mind rather then a body. Sound scary, New Agy? There is nothing to worry about. What I've learnt here will benefit my life in the western world fascinating jungle. It's nothing new to say that world is getting smaller. Western people looking for answers at the East, Asians looking for luxury and comfort coming from the West. I believe that in 50 years world will be one huge mixture of everything. Eastern / Western philosophy mixed together, people moving around the glob in order to find the perfect place to live. It will no longer be anything weird about Russian peaceful Buddhist president, Hindu western businessmen ruling German economy or just a Catholic priests converting Vatican to the new spirituality level. But let's leave future for it's destiny. What's the most important is what we are doing now, how we feeling, what we are thinking about, how deep is our freedom from the outer world. And finally want to achieve in our precious life.


As a part of my personal growth I've been lucky enough to read couple of books and publications that polished my previous views of life and even strengthen them. I strongly recommend books by Eckhart Tolle "Power of Now" and "A New Earth", "Jesus Lived in India" by Holger Kersten, and "Personal development" by Swami Mumukshananda, "Surrender to Existence" by Osho, " Law of Attraction" by Michael Losier, "Bible", "Love and Compassion" by Daly Lama to name a few. I even read "The delusion of God" just to laugh at the poor author. These books opened my life to the new possibilities, helped me to understand how to live better, stronger, more passionate. Apart from the movie "The Secret" I strongly recommend even better one - "What the bleep do we know?". Just Google it, Youtube it, Wiki it. Internet is such a great resource for anything we are looking for: blogs, mp3s, movies, pdfs, publications, articles, inspirational photos.

The Power of Now

Let's look closer. I talked before about The Power of Now. It's s simple book explaining that all we have to do is to be living now, to be present. Based on this awareness we can take actions, we can visualise future, we can take control of our mind, but we are still in present, we are living in a real world. The mind control can take us for the next dimension of our life. Imagine that our brains is not anymore a monkey brain. What would happen if we were fully aware of our emotions before they push us to take random actions which don't benefit nobody. How wonderful would be to decide which emotions we are following and which we are laughing at.

As we can control our inner world we will be able to control or outer world. We will be able to control our life, our goals, our aspirations and even our negative states and unpredictable circumstances. I call it ability to defrag our personal system, to find anything we need without an effort. I can compare our mind to the computer. It might be an old slow virused PC running on Windows 95 or a brand new efficient one with a new clear and reliable Operation System. We can really make our brain to work for us as a new one just by controlling our mind. And by using Yoga, meditation and principles of Power of Now we can do it anytime. We can develop a new fresh, clear mind and experience fantastic undiscovered abilities of our brain.

Jesus lived in India

What has Jesus to do with all that Yoga stuff? From the book "Jesus Lived in India" I received answers to the most of my questions about Christianity and the Bible. I printed New Testament and never ever had such a clear understanding what is behind these difficult and often misunderstood, harsh words put hundreds years ago by some beardy apostles. I've never before looked at the Bible as the source of wonderful knowledge and inspiration. Sound impossible bearing in mind greed of the Catholic church and it's mostly uneducated and intolerant priests. But if you look at The Bible from other perspective you can find a totally spiritual and useful book. Jesus in India totally opened a new concept of perceiving different religions as a whole.

I believe that all religions leads to the same God. Some people call it God, others call it awareness, being, superpower, cosmic energy, an idol, science or just joy of life. At the end all gods are the same and all great contemporary and past teachers talks about the same principles, the same things. All the answers are within us. Again we need to know how to access this information. We can do it by calming our mind and listen to our true deep emotions, our heart. We have potential to be super human being, to be enlightened, to be in Heaven now, to be as Jesus, to be as Buddha, to be as Allah, to be as Yogi, to as Krishna, or you make your own list. You can also put yourself next to these characters. Why not? It's nothing new to say that we are diamonds with the dull stone layer around it. The question is how to become a pure diamond, how to discover and awaken our true abilities and what the being a diamond means to us. The same question, different answers.

India as a country

India is one of these countries very difficult to describe and put into the one frame. It would be very selfish to say what India is in general like, cause the country brings very individual experience to everybody. You can find here love, hate, peace of mind, stress, craziness, boredom, spirituality, shallowness, arranged marriages, cheesy Bollywood stories, gurus, money obsession and so on. India is definitely place to be if you are looking for answers and you still can't find them. Even if you are feeling happy with your life it's worth to come and confront your opinion with others. For these who are totally fine with their lives and don't want to learn anything new there are also some cheap places to relax as Om beach in Gokarna, Arambol or Dharamsala in Himalayas. Unfortunately there are only few spots where you can totally chill out. Most of other places requires a lot of patience, open heart, compassion, understanding, easiness. Speaking English is essential. It is very unpredictable country. You can meet here people from all walks of life. Started from cool cocaine smugglers up to fashion conscious
modern hippie metrosexuals.

I'd like to share with you my best experience. There are thousands topics to cover, just to mention few: my Taj Mahal disappointment, a pure joy of Holly festival, discovering my music roots, staying with the Indian family, spiritual temples, gurus, arrange marriages, brainwashed travellers, Yogis, levitation, ashrams, Osho and his "enlightenment" with the dozen of expensive cars, Indian bookshops, Tibetan monks, Reiki teachers, amazing colours of Indian Saris, John Travolta ironed pants, bad vegetarian food, and at the same time really great seafood, about jam sessions and singing in Polish in front of other travellers, cool British travellers, Canadians, friendly Americans and beautiful Israeli girls, a Romanian yoga teacher, backpackers spots, an astrology bullshit, and finally a feeling of of being a super human, about a love to Woody Allen and 40 movies I watched every night and finally about fake dreadlocks and baggy trousers as an base idea for the night a the 3 city V:)

The first songs in English

Apart from pictures I would also like to share with you the few songs in English I've learned to play on the Goan beaches. The guitar is a bit out of tune but I hope you will enjoy it anyway, at worse there is always delete button. So here you go: When you're smiling, Wicked games, Easy. Let me know if you want to hear more. I've got also few ideas for my own songs but haven't got enough drive to develop these ideas. When the right time comes...:)

What's next

India, India, India. How many pictures can I take in India. I'm grateful to be here for the last 3 weeks but I also must admit that I can't wait until I hit the road again. I'm planning to see free Tigers at the one of the National parks, stare amazed at the Kamasutra temples and take zillions of great photos in Vanarasi, then do all the extreme sports in Nepal, admire the 8000 meters high mountains at the Planet Earth to finally reach my favourite destination: Both Americas. Yes, you are right. I can't wait to be in US and see how my perception of this country changed over couple of years. But that's a near future.

Living now and daydreaming

I am still learning how to live now and how to take the best from now. I realised the more I'm focused on now the more happy and productive I am. If I do the daily dreaming exercises I can see myself in this dream, I can feel myself but I always force myself to believe that I can make that dreams true. Otherwise it's a waste of time and energy. I am happy to know that my current dreams are deeper and more real that these at the past when I was 18 years old Filip born in Gdansk on the 25 January 1976 at 11 am at the Copernicus hospital in Gdansk. I am at the process of discovering all the wonderful things in this world. I wish you to be at least at the state of mind I'm at this moment. True happiness, joy, freedom, feeling possibilities and unlimited options which are waiting just around the corner. I wish you to feel like that. As I'm writing this stuff I'm waiting in the small vegetarian cafe - Unity cafe in Bahsu, 15 minutes walk from the Dalay Lama residence at the Indian Tibet. I'm at the almost 2000 meters above the see staring at the 5000 high mountains and waiting for my friend - American poet Brian to go with a group of mates discovering a cave somewhere in the mountains and do the jam session until the dusk.

10 days escape detox

Officially I'll be 10 days away form my current life in totally other space. At worse there is also an option that after two days I can quit and get my money back but hopefully it will not happen, otherwise what's the point of signing up. I think it's a great idea to escape from daily Internet sessions, from Yahoo mailbox, Facebook, Nasza-klasa, news, fascinating football commentary by Rafal Stec and other blokes, from random friend's blogs, from Wiki, Google, Skype, GG, Youtube ridicules comments, cheerful Noc w 3miescie guestbook entries and finally from checking that my bank account stays almost the same:) Yes India is cheap, it seems like the only last two GB numbers on my savings account are changing. How wonderful it is?

What was my drive to stay in Tushita Buddisth centre

As you know I'm a kind of fan of the Law of attraction. You can also call it The Law of the Universe, The Law of God, Science, Quantic physics, coincidence, luck, unfairness, a tool or another American bullshit to brainwash people. No matter what you think I'd like to give you a wonderful example how it worked and manifested to me. I reached McLeod Ganj - the current residence of Dale Lama in India - to experience a bit of Tibetan culture in the mountains after months of beach bumming, partying and temples sightseeing. My goal was to find an Ashram in order to learn Yoga and meditation. I as searched I realised that the only one I found is a Buddhist 10 days treatment and some random Yoga classes. I was really disappointed as staying in Ashram for couple of days was on my list to do in India. Unfortunately most of the nice ashrams supposed to be on the south where the heat in May is unbearable. So I started asking myself if i really want to wait 7 days before the Buddhist course starts ( 6th of May) and what I should do in between. I took some random Yoga classes and the one especially appealed to me with the teacher Krishna. But Krishna's classes was only once a day. I decided to search deeper and I found the yoga course recommended by my good Argentinean friend I've met in Arambol - Leo. I took the first day free class to find out if that suits my needs.

My personal Law of Attraction

It's Agayama Yoga class led by Manu from Belgium and Monica born in India but raised in US. Coincidentally the first yoga posture we practised, The spinal twist was the one I really hate since my natural lack of flexibility in hips. What's strange is that after the evening classes Monica led the lecture about reading, controlling and managing dreams. Funny but for last few days I've had really freaky dreams I couldn't had really handled. I realised that this Yoga course might be a nice time killer and challenge during a week before the 10 days Introduction to the Buddishm. I decided to move my accommodation closer to the course and I checked in to the room just to realise that my new neighbour is Krisha - the yoga teacher I've learnt asanas from before, apparently also a graphic designer. So you can imagine that we had lot of things in common. Krishna recommended me to watch the move "What the bleep do we know?". I've heard about this movie but never be enough eager to find it and watch it. This time I thought it might be something I'm looking for. I asked at the Yoga course if they heard about that movie. Few hours later I was sitting at my room and I couldn't believed what I had seen. The movie talked exactly what "The secret" stated but in a bit formal, less Hollywood way, which appealed to me even more. But what happened next exceeded my expectations. At the certain point the move is about a difference between normal water and the water praised by the Buddhist monk. You can see both pictures taken under the modern microscope. I know that it sounds as a joke but you can actually see that both pictures are not the same. The one praised by a monk has a Crystal shape similar to the snow flake, while the regular one is just a blank photo. Just Google it and read more of Mr Imoto and his amazing water experience. The movie states that our body consists of 90% water so imagine what we can do with it, and where our limits are.

I was shocked feeling some kind of electric pleasure started from my neck and moving slowly to my back and shoulders. I paused a move, left my room and started starring at the picks of the mountains, admiring birds, wild animals, refreshing breeze of the Himalaya's wind and started asking myself if it could be true. I asked God for a sign, I asked the Universe for a sign. Is ir really truth, or maybe another bullshit to brainwash poor seekers. I took few deep Prana Yama breathing exercises and came back with the fresh and opened mind to my room to continue the move. A minute later I found out that this American production is partly about a photographer who is going to the Polish wedding:) to take some wedding shots. Coincidence, lack, fake, destiny? - you can call it.

Obviously I could not wait to see the Polish wedding according to the Americans filmmakers and take the piss of the moustaches and rounded faced of Poles from Chicago. As you can assume what was on the movie has nothing to do with the Polish wedding but actually it's was not the point. Guess who was getting married? Filipowski and Humansky. How weird? Why these surnames? Why not Bulgarian wedding, why not Mexican, why Filipowski not Kowalsky, or Nowak or anybody else, and why with Humansky. For me personally the message was fucking clear. Keep up doing good work, and use The Law of Attraction to achieve more what you want and less what you don't want. How great it is. I don't need more signs to be totally full on into this idea. Ask and it will be given.

You can imagine that the rest is the history. It just happened few days ago and I started to visualise positively myself in the random situations. In most of the times it worked well. Since then I usually get closer to what I want, people are friendlier, even these tough rigid Israeli beauties started flirting with me, metrosexual hippie dudes asked me to play guitar, random people stops and talks to me as I was enlightened:). You can laugh but I also get a feeling to have more control over the bloody flies and mosquitoes running everywhere annoying you while you meditate. It looks like nature seems to me no more mystery. People seems to be more manageable, even these Indian "spiritual" freaks, unrealed teachers of Reiki, and Cristal healing tattooed tarot players seems to be more easy going and smiling.

Anyway It was a strong enough personal experience to realised that there is something wonderfully mysterious which runs life on Earth, and what's more we are mostly designers of our destiny not only by our actions but thoughts as well. Thoughts plus emotions = actions. And finally actions define our life, our destiny, but they usually comes from our thoughts and feelings. I'm going to share with you simple exercises I found quite interesting and powerful.

Try this simple mind exercise

1. If you want to take the simple experience think of something that annoys you, or a part of your life which is not perfect.
2. Sit down or stand with the straight back, it will help you to be more alert, focused.
3. Take 7 very deep breath focusing fully on your breath.
4. Relax your mind and body.
5. If you can't focus on your breath, or if you can't relax just stop and come back when you are ready. This exercise will work only if you are able to control your mind and truly relax.
6. So when you finally manage to relax visualise the situation you want to improve in the best possible way. Display a 3d movie where things are perfect. Imagine yourself in that movie. Imagine the screen somewhere in the middle of your forehead, where the 3rd eye Cahra is located.
7. Listen to your feelings. You are the main character in that movie. Stay as long as you want and don't let you brain wonder out of the movie, otherwise come back to the film or simply wake up.
8. When you are ready wake up slowly and come back to your real life.
9. If you didn't fake and your brain was relaxed you should see a slight difference in your life pretty soon.

The more you repeat this exercise the better results you will achieve. Just be patient, and always, always start visualising after your mind is completely relaxed. Try to develop a habit as you developed a habit to brush your teeth every night and every morning. Visualise your perfect life, visualise things you want to achieve clearly, feel it and life will pay you back naturally. It's not any focus pocus miracle. I believe that it's the natural law which runs this planet. Of course there are some limitations but if you don't try to play around with this idea how do you know that this technique is not working well for you. If you are consistent your actions will be naturally pushed by your positive thoughts and feelings. Ask for a little sign everyday. Don't complain if you receive a feedback which is not necessary as perfect as you imagined but rather be grateful that you are getting closer to your perfect imagination. I reckon the more you play games with The Law of Attraction, the more emotions you will put into this practice and the clearer your mind becomes the quicker life will manifest your thoughts. If you have any suggestions and had experience with thoughts manifestation please share with me, leave your comment.

Inspire me to make money out of my blog

Any ideas? Help me to think out of the box. How can I make money out of my photos so I can blog without having a regular job? I like blog journalism but I also have got a feeling that as soon as I reach the end of my trip I will stop blogging because lack of time. If you have any ideas please feel free to share with me. I'd love to hear from you.

Can you tell me who you are?

As I've been blogging for more than 2 years I'm still confused who are you? Who are these more and less 150 people everyday observing my travel life. Who is tracking my trip from London up to now. When I look at the stats I know that you are from all around the world. There are obviously some natural google search, some external links but 95 % of blog entries seems random. I'd be grateful if you leave a note with your name, a comment, where are you from and if we have met before. If you have any idea how my blog can be more interesting for you please feel free to give me a shout!

I need your feedback. I know that it's my personal visual journal, but I'd be grateful to inspire you, to help you to awake your true potential or simply share with you some photos I've taken. Many times I feel I should write more, then I don't know if I should write in English or better in Polish. What do you think? Do you want more pictures from parties or more portraits of people I'm interacting with. Or maybe you want to see pretty random people or sunsets? Did you like ideas about some photo captions? Please feel free to comment. I promise to reply to any question or comment.

Witka i dziendoberek

Zeby nie przynudzac po Polszemu. Aaa wiec przez 10 dni biore udzial w kursie "Wstep do buddyzmu" i bede fizycznie niedostepny czyli niewidzialny w internetowym swiatku, z czego w sumie bardzo sie ciesze. Odpoczne od internetu, od bloga, od fotografii, od designu, od imprez, browara, miesa, i calego zewnetrznego backaperskiego swiatka. Podejrzewam ze wiekszosc z was odwiedzajacych mojego bloga pochodzi z Polski. Wedlug moich statystyk podejrzewam ze jest was okolo 80 dziennie odwiedzajacyh rodakow. Problem w tym ze poza moja rodzinka, oraz kilkoma dobrymi znajomkami ktore tu zagladaja tu od czasu do czasu zupelnie nie mam pojecia kim jestescie, czesci z was pewnie nigdy nie spotkalem. A byc moze kto wie, moze znamy sie bardzo dobrze. Bardzo was prosze o krotki komentarz. Jesli macie jakies konstruktywne uwagi na temat, zdjec, tematow, chetnie wyslucham. Niektorzy z was pewni sie zastanawiaja ze mi sie chce prowadzic tego bloga. A wiec szczerze powiem ze blogowanie to czysta wewnetrzna przyjemnosc, drug, odskocznia od podrozowania, forma wizualnego pamietnika dla siebie i dla rodzinki co by sie nie martwili i swiata troszke zasmakowali. O dziwo wypracowalem system dzieki ktoremu wrzucanie kolenych zdjec zajmuje mi naprawde malo czasu i energii. Z pisaniem to odrebna sprawa, troche skupienia wymaga. Mam nadzieje ze byc moze moj blog cos tam dla was znaczy lub jest chwilowa odskocznie od realnego swaita. Prosze o komentarze i podpowiedzi.

Czemu nas tak malo na tym fascynujacym swiecie?

Z gory sory za pisanie po Angielskiemu ale naprawde poza skajpowaniem z moja rodzinka nie mam okazji pokrecic beczki po Polszemu, a szkoda. Mam tylko nadzieje ze coraz wiecej nas w koncu zdecyduje sie na backpakerska wyprawe dookola swiata. Wiem ze jest nas ponad 40 milionow ludzikow, w wiekszosci z nas mamy fajna prace, czesc z nas zarabia niezla kaske, ale w porownaniu do innych nacji nawet tych malutkich jak Izrael, czy kraje Skandynawskie jest nas niezmiernie niewiele w tym fajnym, zakreconym swiecie. Ach miloby uslyszec Polska gadke chocby w Tailandi czy Indiach, krajach w sumie sporo objezdzonych turystycznie. Niestety zdarza sie to naprawde sporadycznie, a jesli nawet to Polanie/Ziomanie wpadaja na 2-3 tygodnie w zintegrowanych polskich grupkach i znikaja z powrotem do Polszy, czy UK. Wiem, kaska, czas, rodzina, kredyt, czsem lenistwo, moze i strach przed nieznanym itp. Ale w koncu jestesmy w Unii, mamy super referencje, wrecz zachodni pracodawcy nas kochaja i chetnie sowicie napelniaja nam sakiewki z podziekowaniem. Wiec jak? Kiedy w droge? Ja wam gwarantuje super wrazenia. Tu prosze pieczatka:) Jak juz wspominalem podrozowanie samemu jest czasem nawet fajniejsze niz w grupie. Serialnie:) Zero obaw i masa pozytywnych akcji. Bycie w drodze bez limitow czasowych i geograficznych jest zupelnie innym nieporownywalnie lepszym doswiadczeniem niz nawet najbardziej wypasiony i zakrecony 3 tygodniowy wypad w czasie urlopu. Zeklbym ze jest to jedna z najfajnieszych rzeczy jakie mi sie udalo w zyciu doswiadczyc i nie zamienil bym tej wyprawy za nic. Goraco polecam. Czekam na odzew. Pamientajta ludzia ze mata wielki potencjal. Nie zmarnujta go. Jak mawial slynny dlugowlosy brodacz szukajta a znajdzieta, prosta a bedzie wam dane. Do uslyszenia za 11 dni.


  1. Jestem, jestem i sledze pilnie - mam sobie Ciebie na RSS, wiec trzymam reke na pulsie.... Ja niby tez w podrozy, ale utknelam na dluzej na Tajwanie - chinski wciagnal mnie na maksa, w przyszlym roku ruszam dalej; dziwne im dluzej podrozuje tym dluzsze przystanki robie....:))))
    Pozdrowienia ciele !

  2. Już się kiedyś trochę ujawniłem, ale teraz czynię to ponownie.

    Skoro chciałeś koncert życzeń to proszę - trochę więcej historii z podróży (ale takich ciekawych, a nie kolejnej relacji z cyklu "hotel za 5 euro a melon za pół").

    Na mnie też przyjdzie pora... już niedługo.


  3. your story, I mean the whole impressive trip around the world and all the sensations, events and people you encounter all the way through, it makes me think of "siddartha", a novel by herman hesse. I don't remember whether there was happy end :) hello from.. well, whatever, you spy! oh, and btw, I wish to see here more portraits of beautiful girls, from israel or anywhere else!

  4. feel,
    your website is just after mine in my bookmarks so this should mean something :-)
    thanks for the latest entry! my suggestion would be: write more. it's good to track your development on various levels during the journey.
    greetings from borough.

  5. Hello people, thanks for your comments, emails and facebooking:) I'll try to publish some stories from my trip. I must also say that it doesn't come to me naturally. Sometimes when I look back to what I'had written offline on my laptop I am surprised that It was "me" who had typed that. Things, experience and thoughts are changing so quickly that it's hard to track everything. By I try:)

    I must say that these 10 days course at Tushita "Introduction to Buddhism" has had incredible impact on my inner life. I hope I'll manage to keep up doing good job for long.

    Thanks you again and see you online.


  6. - I am kasha i lives in uk and i was in a serious relationship with my ex guy for three good years.. One day we were in a dinner party, we had a little misunderstanding which lead to a Quarrel and he stood up and left me at the dinner party. i try to call him but he was not picking my calls so after than i contacted my brother and told him about it,my brother so much love me that he had to see him on my behalf,he told my brother that it is over between us.. Then i contacted a friend of mine that had this similar experience and she directed me to one of the spiritual diviner ( first i thought it was not going to be possible and i contacted him i was ask to come up with a little requirement,so i did what i was ask to do, after 3 days i was in my office when my ex guy called me and was asking me to forgive him and come back to him. i was very surprise it was like a dream to me,so ever since we have been happily married with one kid my lovely baby(Ceslav)...i wish you the best of luck...


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