Thailand, Ko Phanang, Some inspirational words for you

Pictures, pictures, pictures. You like them? Me too but it's time for a little change. There are some reasons behind it. Firstly, I've got time to write, Secondly, I've got a reason to share my thoughts. About ten days ago I arrived to Ko Phangan with two of my new male friends from Croatia, both at the same age. Apparently we got along very well and I noticed that they also travel with the laptop full of superb mp3.

The same day we arrived we found cheap accommodation and headed to the party where after crazy hours, heavy Thai buckets (whisky, coke, red bull) I injured my muscle at my back while jumping over the fired rope. I was fucked by the Red Bull. That's why I hate drugs cause they make you feel out of control. You should not be surprised since that "Injury loving rope" caused more injuries as I noticed following days. So my doctor said I need to relax and stay for at least another 10 days which was fine for me since anyway I wanted to see the famous Full Moon Party.

As my back has got better I still can't swim, I can't play footie, nor beach volleyball. I can't even ride a moped. Feeling like an old man, or a wise man? Maybe for a while. I've just got to wait. I hope I'll be fine in a day ar two, but these days toughs me alot about myself. As I spoke alot with my Croatian mates who are both happy travellers, party animals, musicians, and sporty freaks, what surprised me they are also very into spirituality. Law of attraction? Probably.

These days were perfect for me to learn from them some basics of the new philosophy concept. They inspired me to buy a new book, download some audio stuff and try a new way of thinking. I'd like to share with you of what I learnt.

1. Live now, enjoy in Present.

I found out that in order to achieve the highest joy of life we need to be in Present and enjoy the Present the most. We have to act as the present is the most important moment in out life. The past and the future are just an illusion. We need to remember our experience from the bast in order to avoid future mistakes, we also need to have goals and plans for the future but the most important is that live now and only now. It sound simple.

Try to observe yourself and you will probably notice that your mind is most of the time in the past or in the future. If not you are lucky. Keep going like that. There is a whole book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle about this whole idea, but I prefer only few chapters. You can also read short inspiring article here written by a bit funny (in a cheesy American way) guy called Steve Pavlina.

2. Always stay confident (know some Italians or Americans?:)

After days and days of walking like an old man I had to learn new ways to boost my confidence again. There you go.

2.1. Imagine your self acting confidently (project the movie in your head).
2.2. Make sure you are walk with the straight back and shoulders down:).
2.3. Speak confidently, loudly and fully relaxed.
2.4. Use a music or any other booster before action.

3. Simple Secrets of Happy People

I've read the book The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People by David Niven, I've chosen important ones for me and divided them into sections.

3.1. Goals (12)

3.1.1. Find a true purpose of your life.
3.1.2. Your goals should be aligned with each other.
3.1.3. Pay attention, you might have of what you want.
3.1.4. If you can't reach your goals thy can hurt you.
3.1.5. Don't hinge your entire life on 1 element.
3.1.6. Think in concrete terms.
3.1.7. Accomplish something everyday.
3.1.8. Let your goals guide you.
3.1.9. Be flexible with your goals.
3.1.10. Focus on what really matters for you.
3.1.11. Accept the that complete perfection in achieving ambitious goals does not exist.
3.1.12. You have never finished the best part of your life.

3.2. Ego (9)

3.2.1. You don't have to win every time.
3.2.2. Compare yourself wisely.
3.2.3. Accept yourself in 100%, always.
3.2.4. Be open and flexible to the new ideas.
3.2.5. Believe yourself but no too much:) Accept criticism, don't tell others how much you believe in yourself, listen to the other opinions.
3.2.6 Events are temporary.
3.2.7. Be your own fan (M.J.)
3.2.8. Whatever you do is your own choice.
3.2.9. If something happens to you say "So what?"

3.3. Enjoying the present (15)

3.3.1. Be aware of what is making you happy and what is making you sad.
3.3.2. Don't think what if.
3.3.3. Exercises.
3.3.4. Pray.
3.3.5. Laugh.
3.3.6. Smile.
3.3.7. Have fun like Malapascua kids.
3.3.8. It's not important of what happened but how you feel about what happened.
3.3.9. Think less about things and people that bother you.
3.3.10. Eat fresh fruit everyday.
3.3.11. There will be the end one day, enjoy yourself.
3.3.12. Keep a pen and paper ready.
3.3.13. Listen to the music.
3.3.14. Have hobby.
3.3.15. Keep reading everyday.

3.4. Social skills (14)

3.4.1. Tell your friends how important they are to you.
3.4.2. Remember where you are from.
3.4.3. Don't be hard and aggressive to your best mates and family.
3.4.4. You cannot be liked by everybody.
3.4.5. Get your family close.
3.4.6. Join a group.
3.4.7. Be positive in any group.
3.4.8. Some people like details other like the big picture.
3.4.9. Get to know and visit your neighbours.
3.4.10. Be easy to deal with.
3.4.11. Imagine something positive when you are talking to somebody.
3.4.12. Don't dwell on the unwinnable conflicts.
3.4.13. Don't envy other people relationship, they can envy your freedom.
3.4.14. Everyone person is free. You can't control other people forever.

3.5. General tips (9)

3.5.1. Think only of one subject when you go to bed.
3.5.2. Develop household routine and enjoy it.
3.5.3. Busy is better then bored.
3.5.4. Do what you say you are going to do.
3.5.5. Buy what you like, don't be too stingy to yourself.
3.5.6. Don't accept the TV picture of the world.
3.5.7. Focus on the world.s hope not a tragedy.
3.5.8. Give yourself a time to accept changes.
3.5.9. Money doesn't buy happiness.


Speak to you soon.




  2. Cos w tym stylu:) Tyle ze nie trzeba sie spowiadac i slac na tace (PDFs from torrents:)

    Trzeba zajac dynke czyms kreatywnym jak sie oglada plazowe boisko zamiast trafiac do bramki:)


  3. Witaj Filip.
    Nie znasz mnie, a ja Ciebie znam tylko z opowieści pewnej osoby. Twoją stronkę znalazłam przez przypadek - podziwiam zdjęcia, przebija przez nie Twoja wrażliwość na świat i ludzi przede wszystkim. Pewnie nigdy bym do Ciebie nie napisała, ale Twój ostatni...hmmm...wywód? spadł mi jak anioł z nieba. Ja również wciąż szukam nowego sposobu myślenia, żeby przeżywać życie jeszcze mocniej, głębiej i bardziej świadomie. To, o czym piszesz jest niby takie oczywiste, ale trafiło do mnie we właściwym momencie. Dziękuję Ci, choć z Twojej strony było to nieświadome. Jeśli kiedyś napiszesz książkę, to chcę ją przeczytać. Życzę miłego życia.
    Pozdrawiam, I.

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  6. Bardzo mi miło!
    Ciesze się że mogłem Cię zainspirować. Okazuje sie warto przekazywać swoje spostrzeżenia na blogeiro, nawet w Ingliszu. Bardzo mnie to cieszy i powodzenia!

  7. czesc Filipku,napisane swietnie i zmusza do myslenia;-)Ciesze,ze sie dobrze bawisz,buziaki zuza...szczesliwego nowego roku!!!!y


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