Filipontheroad - my general tips for travellers.

1. Golden Rule.

Don't take my word too serious:) Your experience might be different then mine depending on the time you go, your personality, your expectation, your travel company. The golden rule is "There is no rule". Just go and check this out on your own.

2. Go local go real.

Always try getting to know lokals. Don't be afraid to eat, drink, travel and party with locals.

3. Language.

Don't go anywhere if you don't feel comfortable with your English. Learn the basic expressions in the local lingo as thank you, how are you, hello...

4. Accommodation.

There are two important factors: price and location. Lonely Planet book, internet and other backpackers are good references. I try to sleep in the cheapest accommodation but location is also important. I use LP books, Internet websites like or or just Google for the best option. Sometimes it's worth to negotiate the price with the touts at the bus station, train station or the boat when you arrive. At least you know the price and you can always come back to them when you fail to find anything better. Travelling with somebody is cheaper but better? Depends.

5. Company.

Take your only really good friend, your lovely one or husband/wife. Make sure you've got the same plans, timing, budget and expectation for the trip. Otherwise go on your own, you will meet plenty of interesting people.

6. Patience.

You need to enjoy talking to strangers, bargaining and be damn patient. Otherwise your trip will be much more expensive.

7. Money.

E-bank account. Combination of credit and cash cards works well. Take about 100 American Dollars and maybe Euros. Leave some cash to your family in a case you need it in emergency (Western Union works well). ATMs are almost everywhere.

8. Communication.

Mobile phones, telephone boxes and internet are almost everywhere.

9. Travelling.

Buses, trains, taxis, local vehicles, bikes, elephants, horses, boats, foot and of course cheap airlines all booked on Internet or at the local travel agent (they usually take commission).

10. Health.

Injections (go and see your local doctor), condoms, Aspirine, common sense.

11. What to take?

Backpack no more than 60 ltr plus shoulder dayly bag. Sleeping bag is helpful but not necessary, instead take a light blanket. The rest of required equipment you can find in any guide book. Don't take too many clothes since they are cheap to buy in most of the developing countries.

12. Insurance and Safety

It's smart and responsible to take insurance but hopefully you will not need to use it. For safety use your common sense, read the book about travelling and find out what works best for you.

13. Joy and fun.

For God sake enjoy yourself everyday no matter how you feel, smile to other people unconditionally and have fun.

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