South Korea, Seoul, Last night in Seoul

A Rudy je je i je i nie tyje:)

Za to robi porcelanowe klocki.

Fun with the green Chinese priceless laser:)

My name is Filip. Filip on the road:)

Rudy, mamy z Ciebie beke:)

Be as polite as Koreans:)

Superb modern subways.

My shoe has to be repaired before I go to work:(

And a boring Walk About ish pub in a trashy touristy district of Seoul.

I can't resist spicy Korean foody.

Russkij Klub Rio in Seoul - An award winner idea for a name.

And everything is clear.

Huewa - an awesome students area where we lived.

Dimsum yummi.

Time to move on.

Tomski in front of his apartment.

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  1. dear that is just so coll
    wanna go to Korea also
    on the winter hiks..
    still collecting money
    i wonder how come u go travel aroun the world the money from hehehe
    keep going Man!


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